Editorial: Name that bridge project!

As long as Middlebury travelers are going to have to put up with traffic jams, delays, detours and other interruptions in daily travels because of the Cross Street Bridge construction and changes in surrounding roads for the next six months, let’s at least have some fun with it.

How so?

First, let’s give this project a snazzy name.

In a front-page story in today’s paper, we headlined the upcoming schedule of road closures, detours, construction and demolition work as the “‘Big Dig,’ Midd-style.” It’s catchy enough, but it’s not really a dig — like Boston’s big tunnel and the origin of that moniker — nor do we expect Middlebury’s project will have any of the negative connotations that were eventually associated with that project (from graft to shoddy construction, budget overruns to a delayed opening.)

On the contrary, to date the project has gone remarkably smoothly: it’s on budget, on time, and the efficiency of the crews and the minimal disruption so far have been nothing short of surprising. It is, nonetheless, a big project (one of Middlebury’s largest municipal projects in many decades) and it will transform the downtown.

So, here’s the challenge: Let’s give the project a name that’s short, fitting, appropriate (we have to be able to use it in a family newspaper), and clever enough to make us occasionally smile as the inevitable traffic delays confront us this spring, summer and fall.

Email your clever monikers along with your name and town to me at angelo@addisonindependent.com and let’s have fun with this project in as many ways as we can (send those suggestions along, too). It’ll be a huge improvement in a few short months — we just have to make it that far with smiles still on our faces.

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