Notions: A south-of-the-border surprise

One morning this summer a friend of mine woke up with the words “si se puede” tattooed on his hip in a festive font — when he later told the story, complete with visual aids, another one of my friends drew an amusing comparison between it and the “Tostitos” tortilla chips script, if that helps you visualize just how classy his new (permanent) accessory is. I, however, encountered a much more pleasant surprise — also south-of-the-border themed — earlier this week, when I decided to stroll down to the little alcove overlooking the falls to sample the fare being handed through the window of a little silver cart. That cart is the quite-literally-mobile home of Green-Go’s, a recent street-fare-style addition to the downtown-dining scene. Middlebury’s newest gastronomical gurus specialize in oversized, Chipotle-esque burritos, and I had heard from friends that they were well-worth the $8 price tag. I decided to investigate for myself. To my very great surprise, I found that — while the silver cart was shiny and new — I actually recognized the owner of the latex-gloved hand that reached out of the window and placed an (aluminum-gloved) burrito into my own outstretched mitt. It was none other than one of my former co-workers from my brief stint as a waitress at Fire and Ice during the spring semester of my junior year. But to my deep chagrin, I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember his name. I remembered that he liked Anne Bradstreet (we would discuss poetry as I clumsily dressed plates and heaved the not-that-heavy-but-way-too-heavy-for-pathetic-me trays onto my shoulders), but I couldn’t manage to string together either a first or last name. He didn’t catch on because, well, a burrito transaction is pretty simple — it’s basically like this: what can I get for you? I’d like a burrito, please. What would you like on it? Everything would be great. Hot sauce? Oh, absolutely. My former, unidentified co-worker did, though, appreciate my decision to opt for added heat.Later that day, still tormented by my selective memory, I scanned the World Wide Web for the name of the line-cook-gone-burrito-cart-connoisseur and eventually (and thankfully) found that his name is Damian. Damian Bittrolff. Phew. He and his wife, Kristin, are the good people behind the cart, or should I say, inside the cart. So, the next time I decide to patronize Green-Go’s (and trust me, there will definitely be a next time!), perhaps I will be able to toss a jolly “hey, Damian!” in before launching into my order: one "Build-Your-Own (BYO)" burrito with chicken, rice, black beans, salsa, tomatoes, onions, black olives, sour cream, guacamole, corn and of course, hot sauce. Or maybe I’ll order one of their fish tacos, an item just tacked onto the menu today — I mean, really, who knows what kind of surprises I have hidden up my sleeve?

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