Gary Margolis

The Caterpillar   At the Addison County Field Days, our local county fair, there’s a new act called   The President. A professor, off for the summer, does a card trick   he doesn’t have a good explanation for. How it works.   Producing a card that seems to have been shot out of a cannon. Swirled   in a tube of cotton candy. Without a number, a face or one of the four suits.   To let you know that’s the one you picked, without touching it. It’s blank. An end-of-summer   memory. A whirl-a-gig of sorts. The Caterpillar. You can sit in with a friend, who becomes   your girlfriend, when the ride...

GARY MARGOLIS, A poet from Cornwall, has recently published a book of poems inspired in part by his time volunteering in a maximum security prison, where he facilitated poetry and writing workshops for inmates. Independent photo/Steve James
CORNWALL — When’s the last time you wrote a poem? For some of us, it was a long time ago… like, before Facebook, OMG — back when journals served as outlets for inward, emotional tweens. For others, like Gary Margolis, poetry is a daily practice. Every morning when this poet wakes up in his Cornwall home, he gets up and heads out for an hour’s walk down Sperry and Bordeau roads. “It’s a way for me to get into my body easily,” Margolis said. “It’s meditative. I go out with no expectations of writing.” He opens himself up to what he sees, hears and feels. “It’s about being open to whatever it is...

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