Good company: Gov. Douglas ranks on Business Insider's list of 'The 25 Who Won the Recession'

Vermont's foreclosure rate — the lowest in the country — earned Gov. Jim Douglas the number 8 spot on The Business Insider's list of the 25 people who "won" the recession.BI writes that Douglas helped Vermont avoid the sub-prime debacle by maintaining the strict mortgage-lending laws that were in place before Douglas took office. Those conservative rules come at the cost of economic development, the brief article goes on, but also saves the state from what Douglas in a statement to the Wall Street Journal called the "abyss":"We don't benefit from the boom times, but we don't fall as deeply into the abyss when things get tough," Douglas told the WSJ.Douglas crops up among some big names on the list: Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple; Fed Chair Ben Bernanke; former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (on a comeback, BI reports); new SEC boss Mary Schapiro; and head of the FDIC Sheila Blair, among others. What do you think? Did Douglas "win" the recession?

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