Escaping DeLay's putrid bite

The story of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s fall from power to disgraced politician who had to pull out of his own House race for fear of embarrassment is a simple story of greed and power. What’s amazing is that DeLay was able to hide his lust and his scheming, underhanded immoral ways under the guise of promoting “moral values.� Christians conservatives, in particular, who bought into DeLay’s temple of misbegotten rhetoric need to carefully review how they were misled, lied to and taken advantage of, if they are to avoid future deceptions by politicians who have no qualms about lying to their constituents.DeLay was a politician proud of his reputation for taking no prisoners. He gained immense national favor with the most conservative of American voters by pushing President Clinton’s unwarranted impeachment proceedings at a time when Republicans controlled the Congress; and he helped stonewall legitimate investigations into the current administration’s illegal actions against this country’s fundamental principles. His delusion with power prompted his fall when he began violating campaign finance laws in a blatant and bold campaign to skirt the system, and again is his outrageous gerrymandering of congressional districts in Texas to give the Republicans six additional seats in the House.That DeLay has been thoroughly disgraced is a measure of justice. But what’s likely to happen is that he’ll remain a high-powered lobbyist or political strategist for the Republican Party and will continue to taint the best intentions of America’s political process in the same way he has tainted his office. If America wants to escape the decaying jaws of DeLay’s particularly putrid bite, fellow Republicans will have to make their displeasure known forcefully and bluntly at the national level.

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