Bristol fire crew stops power line fire

BRISTOL — A Bristol family is grateful to the swift action of the Bristol Fire Department in its response to a blaze that started as a result of the Oct. 30 windstorm.

David A. Livingston said that the gales that reached 80 mph in many place in Vermont early last Monday pulled an electric cable from a barn at the home of his father, David, and his wife, Wendy, off Hardscrabble Road.

“At 2:30 a.m. a power line got ripped off the barn,” the younger Livingston said.

Still fully juiced, the electricity in the line dried off the grass where it laid, and then started it on fire. It also started a blaze on the corner of the red barn, which was used for storage of building materials, snow blowers and such. Livingston explained that had the fire caught and spread, the next building, which hosts a fuel tank, could have created a huge conflagration.

But Bristol firefighters arrived on the scene “really quickly,” he said, and were very professional in how they doused the flames and handled the electricity line.

“It could’ve been really bad,” he said. “It would have burnt that building and the one next to it.

“I just want to give a big thank you to the firefighters.”

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