July 2019

Monkton fights the 'Wild Parsnip Battle'

A DEDICATED GROUP of Monkton residents is helping eradicate the invasive species from the meadows that surround town playing fields and the Monkton Central School’s playground. Independent photos/Steve James

MONKTON — “Is it weird to find it therapeutic?” asked Whitney Leighton earlier this month, after she had spent an evening helping pull up wild parsnip in Morse Park, near Monkton Central School.

HOPE's gleaned food feeds hungry neighbors

LILY BRADBURN, LOCAL food access coordinator for the non-profit Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects, has begun assembling volunteers to glean surplus produce from area farms. That fresh, nutritional food is being distributed among low-income households in Addison County. Independent photo/John Flowers

MIDDLEBURY — The non-profit Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) is again collaborating with area farms to glean fresh produce that will provide a free, healthy boost to meals in the county’s


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