December 2019

Local family gets the gift of homeownership

FRANKIE AND DORA Soberal and their three daughters moved into their new Habitat for Humanity home at 51 Seymour St. in Middlebury on Dec. 21, just in time to make it the centerpiece of their Christmas celebration. Photo courtesy of John McLeod

MIDDLEBURY — Tearing open packages.

It’s a Christmas tradition.

But the Soberal family didn’t need to unwrap their biggest Christmas gift this week.

They’re living in it.

2019: A year in review

MEGAN HEDLEY OF Benson cuddles her son, Sawyer Jensen Porter Downey, the first baby born in Addison County in 2019. Sawyer, who weighed 7 pounds, 4.6 ounces and is 22 inches long, was born at 2 a.m. on Jan. 1, the day after his due date. Hedley added “Porter” in honor of the hospital, where her own mother used to work. Sawyer’s three-year-old sister, Jocelyn, had mixed feelings about the baby before he was born but was excited once she met him. Independent file photo/John S. McCright

Editor’s note: The slower pace in the last week of the year is a good time to look back over the past 12 months and recall where we’ve been before diving into the 12 months ahead of us. 


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