Activities around town for Jun. 25

STRAWBERRIES ARE RIPE for the picking, and some local berry farms are open for pick-your-own, albeit with COVID-19 restrictions in place. If you’ve been dreaming of strawberry shortcake, jam or simple berries in cream, there’s nothing quite like berries fresh from the field. Photo/Sarah Pope

Make It Together: Bubble Snake Blowers

What you need:

shallow container

bubble solution

plastic water bottle

clean sock


Vermont's pollinators need your help

VERMONT’S POLLINATORS REMAIN in peril. With so many wild plants and commercial food products dependent on bees and other insects, the time to act is now. Photo/Chris Ingram, VF&W

MONTPELIER — Many of Vermont’s pollinator species continue to remain in peril, and as Vermonters are returning to their gardens and landscaping projects this spring, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife

Hungry for an audience, entertainer finds creative outlets

COMEDIAN AND PEIRCING artist Pierre Vachon playfully pours hand sanitizer on his head while showing off his tattoos for his upcoming COVID Calendar. The Middlebury entertainer is finding new creative outlets since public gatherings went away when COVID-19 showed up. Photo by Season Violet

MIDDLEBURY — Over the years, modern day Renaissance man Pierre Vachon has worn many different hats.


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