The Giving Fridge offers food for the hungry

BETHANIE FARRELL IS on pace to give out 1,000 free meals to hungry Addison County folks by the end of this month. Her charitable effort is called the Giving Fridge, which sells donated plants, flowers, honey and other items to raise money for meals that are prepared by local restaurants, using a lot of local ingredients. Independent photo/John Flowers

MIDDLEBURY — Bethanie Farrell has always felt a call to help others. It’s in her DNA, a ritual she learned as a young girl growing up in the Midwest.

Porter frontline workers vaccinated

DR. ERIC BENZ can feel the strength course through his body as he receives the COVID-19 vaccine recently. He got one of more than 760 doses that Porter Hospital has administered in the past three weeks. Porter will have put around 1,000 shots in arms by the end of this week. Photos by Nicole Webb/Porter Medical Center

MIDDLEBURY — By the end of this week, Porter Hospital will have given out a combined total of 1,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to its staff and other frontline healthcare workers, though state and fede

QAnon: How should we respond?

THIS DIGITAL POSTER has been circulating among far-right social media circles in the past few days. On Monday the FBI warned law enforcement agencies around the country that armed protests might occur at the capitols in all 50 states, as well as at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

MIDDLEBURY — The best thing local communities can do to reduce the prevalence and potential threat of conspiracy movements like QAnon is to educate people.

Stills in the hills: Lincoln author pens moonshine memoir

LINCOLN AUTHOR ELLIE Bryant’s great uncle Bures Paxton sits with a couple other fellows on a huge metal still for making moonshine back near Bryant’s Virginia home. Her new book tells a history of moonshine.

LINCOLN — What is known about the life of Virginia bootlegger Willie Carter Sharpe comes together in a patchwork of fact and legend, but one thing was for sure: She could drive like hell.


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