Middlebury Rotary puts 'service above self'

MIDDLEBURY ROTARY MEMBER Ben Fuller helps out on David Clark’s cleanup project at the Old Town Cemetery on Washington Street Extension. “The Rotary Club’s cemetery restoration project started as most of our projects did: A member saw something needed to be addressed and rallied fellow club members to join in,” Clark said. Photo courtesy of Middlebury Rotary

MIDDLEBURY — “We have a group of men in our club who are mostly retired who are carpenters,” Weybridge resident and Middlebury Rotary Club member Nancy Foster said.

Autumn Gold founder John Wallace rocks

AUTUMN GOLD OWNER John Wallace, at ease behind the counter in the Middlebury store he founded in 1998, shares some of his knowledge about gemstones, jewelry and operating a business. The store’s name comes from the fall colors Wallace saw when he first moved to Vermont. Independent photo/William Haig

MIDDLEBURY — Consider Autumn Gold Jewelry, the shop on Main Street founded and owned by Cornwall resident John Wallace.

Autumn. Gold. Isn’t the name of the store just nice?

Painting with thread: Mona makes crochet sculptures

MONA RICHARDSON OF Middlebury has been crocheting since she was a young girl. Her craft is reaching new heights as she breaks into large-scale crochet sculptures. She recently mounted two massive doilies on five-foot wheels, which now decorate her backyard. Independent photo/Steve James

What do you do with “really big string,” “really big hooks” and “really big hands?”

Why make really big crochet doilies, of course.

Review: Seminal '70s documentary is a tad rusty

BOB DYLAN AND Robbie Robertson jam on guitars in the Martin Scorsese rockumentary “The Last Waltz,” which screened last Thursday as the third in the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival Sunset Series at Swift House Inn/Summer of Scorsese.

“The Last Waltz” is what it is: It is a watershed concert movie about The Band’s swan song in 1976, but also a smorgasbord of musical numbers that, not unlike an all-you-can-eat buffet, sometimes l


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