Veteran wins Brandon chowdown

ARTURO MENIOLA OF Brandon is designated by Jim Leary as champion of the Little Debbie Swiss Roll eating contest at Brandon’s Fourth of July celebration this past Saturday. He opened and consumed 12 rolls in a “world record” time. Independent photo/William Haig

BRANDON — Arturo Mendiola, 35, is a big man with a big appetite for Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

Borrow an e-bike for free in Middlebury

THE RADWAGON, WHICH is available through a lending library in Middlebury, is a cargo e-bike that can carry an adult kids, groceries, and other valuable cargo around town and some mild back roads. An optional Yepp kid seat is rated for children up to 48 pounds. The five pedal-assist levels and throttle help take away some of the effort from a bike commute and the cargo carrying capacity makes this a car replacement.

MIDDLEBURY — Would an e-bike make your life easier? Find out for free. The organization Local Motion on Tuesday launched its E-Bike Lending Library in Middlebury.

Twisty roads, here we come!

ADAM FRANCO, A Middlebury software developer and motorcycle enthusiast, created a program called Curvature back in 2012 that “generates a map highlighting the most twisty roads, all across the world.” After a decade of work, Franco has most of the major roads mapped out in Vermont. Independent photo/Steve James

Most of us might think that Google Maps works perfectly well.


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