New mead business arrives in Middlebury

ALEX APFEL HAS devised around 10 recipes thus far for Golden Rule Mead in Middlebury. Mead is essentially a honey wine, to which Apfel adds a variety of ingredients — including teas, fruit and herbs — to infuse unique, pleasing flavors. Independent photo/Alexa Lapiner

MIDDLEBURY — Alex Apfel wants to add a new flavor to Addison County’s growing assortment of adult beverages that includes beer, wine, whiskey and hard cider.

Abdulaziz offers his view on police response

BASHIRU ABDULAZIZ RECENTLY shared his concerns about being the focus of a June 22 police investigation in Middlebury. The Brandon resident believes the color of his skin might have played a role in how the case was reported and investigated. Photo courtesy of Bashiru Abdulaziz

BRANDON — A Black man who was ordered by Middlebury police to “raise his hands” after an erroneous report that he had been detaining a woman at gunpoint off Mary Hogan Drive is now talking about th

Local real estate showing signs of life

THIS IS A rare sight in the Addison County market right now — a for-sale sign in one of the villages; this one is in Middlebury. Experts say demand is now outstripping supply, especially for in-town properties affordable for first- and second-time buyers. Independent photo/Andy Kirkaldy

ADDISON COUNTY — There’s good news out there for one segment of the Addison County real estate market, local experts said. 

Starksboro student highlights injustice

STARKSBORO RESIDENT GRETA JENNISON, 14, has wanted to be a lawyer “since about third grade.” For her Eighth-Grade Challenge at Mount Abraham Union Middle School, she researched criminal law and discovered the Innocence Project, which works to free people who have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. Independent photo/Christopher Ross

STARKSBORO — When Mount Abraham Union Middle School student Greta Jennison began work on her Eighth-Grade Challenge last winter, she had no idea that her interest in the legal profession would evol

Mow later to save the bobolink habitat

LANDOWNERS WHO MOW their grasslands for aesthetic reasons can prevent a decline in nesting habitat for threatened bird species like this Bobolink if they wait until Aug. 15 to mow. Photo/John Hall

MONTPELIER — Boblinks, meadowlarks, Savannah sparrows, and grasshopper sparrows enrich our summers with their songs, but some of these species are in decline due to the loss of appropriate grasslan


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