Gardening: Stalking the hornworm

THE TOBACCO HORNWORM with its distinctive diagonal white stripes and reddish “horn” feeds on tomatoes, eggplant and other plants in the nightshade family. Photo by Eddie McGriff/University of Georgia/

VERMONT — This time of year I get impatient for the long-awaited harvest of my tomatoes and the taste of their sweet, homegrown flavor.

Jessie Raymond: Hornworms can't stifle this garden

JESSIE THOUGHT SHE had tomato hornworm caterpillars, but it turns out these are actually the very-similar-but-not-quite-the-same tobacco hornworm caterpillars. Who knew? Whatever they are, Jessie would find them quite fascinating if they weren't eating her garden. It is war. Photo by Jessie Raymond

You’re probably wondering whether Jessie’s 2020 Misadventures in Vegetable Gardening are going as disastrously as in past years.

“Did she give up yet?”

“Did the weeds win again?”


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