How to stay active at 75? Build a barn!

HAVING DONNED HIS safety glasses, Bob Horne cuts the next piece of wood he will use as he builds a barn with white pine and maple trees he logged and milled on his own property. Independent photo/William Haig

MIDDLEBURY — We sometimes associate people’s golden years with the relaxed life.

Book clubs. Matinée showings of Judi Dench movies. Stamp collections.

Scary Gary screams on screen

RIPTON NATIVE CODY McGlashan is more than halfway through a Kickstarter campaign, raising funds to make “Gary Screams for You” — “A film about a very freaky man and his very scary compulsion to scream at strangers in the wee hours of the night.” Eben Schumacher, also of Ripton, designed the film’s poster and concept art.

Cody McGlashan signed up for a weight loss study with Harvard just before COVID took hold in the spring of 2020.


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