Vergennes to recognize Vt’s first Black sheriff, elected there in 1879

LARRY AND LYNN Schuyler visited St. Paul’s Episcopal church in Vergennes in the fall of 2019. Larry looked through church records and got to visit the town where his great-grandfather Stephen Bates had once been the chief police for 26 consecutive years.

VERGENNES — Vermont is awash in history. Some of it is as obvious as the white clapboard churches and the monumental stone markers erected in honor of Civil War veterans.

Afghan student fears for family back home

BECAUSE REVEALING THE identity of “Jamila” could endanger her family in Afghanistan the Independent has withheld her photo as well as her real name, her hometown and the American schools she has attended. Bridport resident Jill Vickers has been working with U.S. officials to secure visas for Jamila’s family, but it’s unclear at this time if they will be able to safely exit the country. Image by Christopher Ross

BRIDPORT — Jill Vickers spent part of her summer this year teaching a young Afghan woman how to drive.


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