Home improvement: The case for home solar

SETH LAPIDOW AND his dog show off the solar array he had installed for his home off Smith Street in Shoreham five years ago. A combination of the energy savings and government incentives has made the array a good investment. Photo courtesy of Same Sun of Vermont

ADDISON COUNTY — Over the past two decades Americans have begun to embrace the idea that they can use solar energy to power their homes.

Home improvement: A primer on solar photovoltaic cell

A GROUP OF solar cells are strung together to make a module, and then a group of modules are connected to make a solar system that is ready for installation. A typical residential rooftop solar system has about 30 modules. Courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy

You’ve seen them on rooftops, in fields, along roadsides, and you’ll be seeing more of them: Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations are on the rise across the country — but how do they turn sunshine


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