Fantastic fairy homes at Sheldon Museum

ARTIST SALLY J. SMITH, of Westport, N.Y., shows one of the fairy houses she makes from bark,moss and other materials during a fairy tea cup workshop on July 21 at the Sheldon Museum. Independent photo/Steve James

SMITH POINTS OUT the detailed elements of one of her fairy house creations. Independent photo/Steve James

ALTHEA LAUX, 5, OF Middlebury gets a little help from her mother, Ashley, making a fairy tea cup. Independent photo/Steve James

HARTLEY LITTLEFIELD, 8, proudly shows off a fairy house. Independent photo/Steve James

OPREA LITTLEFIELD, 11, of East Middlebury shows off her fairy house. Independent photo/Steve James

PORTER MACKEY, 5, left, Constantin Bellmann, 8, Jack MacIntyre, 6, and Hartley Littlefield, 8, proudly show off their handiwork. Independent photo/Steve James

MIDDLEBURY — We all know fairies are real, but where do they live? Why, in tiny fairy houses, of course. Who builds these homes? Well on Sunday, July 21, a group of local kids (and their parents) showed up at the Sheldon Museum in Middlebury to help build Tea Cup Fairy Houses with artist Sally J. Smith of Westport, N.Y. She showed participants a few of her amazing fairy houses (now on view at the Sheldon) and shared some of her tips for creating fairy houses.

“It was such fun to share my creative process with the kids and the adults who brought them to the workshop,” Smith said. “The kids were very enthusiastic and asked great questions about  how I made my houses. I got to show them the inside of a few of the houses that were selected for the presentation. They then move to the workshop itself and had a marvelous time making and decorating their teacup fairy houses… The creativity and ingenuity of children is always a humbling inspiration to observe and support. Their teacup fairy houses were magical little works of art!”

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