Middlebury Studio School to hold reception

The Middlebury Studio School, on Route 7 South, will host a closing and opening art show reception for the community on Thursday, Aug. 1, from 5-7 p.m. Come meet the artists, see their work and explore MSS.

The closing exhibition, “Expanding the Mind’s Eye,” in the school’s small gallery known as the “LOO-uvre” (ha! Can you guess why?) is of letterpress prints by John Vincent of Revolutionary Press. Vincent creates both visual and thought expanding word prints made with individual letters, inked and pressed into archival paper. He will bring a letterpress to the reception so you can create your own revolution. 

The opening reception features the pottery of Catherine Mangold and Saisorn Peemanao. 

Catherine Mangold’s pottery journey started in high school but she put the wheel aside to work as a journalist. From 1980 to 2000 she moved around the world covering wars, environmental degradation, politics and international relations for The New York Times, Newsweek and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has explored the disciplines of artists working from the townships of Johannesburg to the back alleys of Manila and jostling streets of Port-au-Prince. For her, the joy of creativity was evident in every corner of the globe, like an engine forever humming in the background. She answered the call of that hum herself in 2010, while teaching and writing her second book. Putting her hands back in clay after such a long absence felt like a homecoming. She has been with MSS since 2014. Mangold’s interest in porcelain, glazes and functional forms results in stunning art work.

Saisorn Peemanao came to MSS  seven years ago to pursue her interest in making art. She now teaches pottery for the school. Everything she puts her mind and hands to becomes beautiful. Her curiosity, fearlessness and diligence are qualities reflected in her pottery. Her playfully crafted functional stoneware often includes references to her Thai cultural heritage. She continues exploring artistic avenues at MSS including book making and painting. Saisorn is also a Thai Massage therapist located at Otter Creek Yoga.

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