Pet of the Week: Tessa the survivor

I adopted Tessa this April from The Feline Connection in Fair Haven. She is 11 years old, and a very special girl. It is kind of perfect that we have found each other because we have both been through a lot of difficult times in the past and we both truly needed each other. She survived a hoarding situation, neglect, severe malnutrition, at least four foster homes in a year, a serious house fire in one of her foster homes, being attacked by another cat, and more. 

She is FIV+ (which is like feline HIV) and has beginning stage kidney disease. She was recently diagnosed with mild asthma as well, but none of it stops her from playing, cuddling, and living her life to its fullest. 

Even after everything she has gone through, she continues to inspire and amaze me with her resilience, love, and trusting nature. She is gentle and timid yet also curious and playful. She is also amazingly in tune with me and my emotions. I struggle with anxiety and depression. If I cry she comes and curls up by my face and nuzzles and licks me and checks on me. Being around her makes me feel calm and loved. 

Tessa is a beautiful little soul and my best friend, and I want to share her with the world. 

Molly Saunders


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