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While we all practice our safe social distancing there’s no reason to shy away from art, especially when you can view galleries (near and far) online. Here’s a round up of local galleries’ digital options. Free film screening The Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival hasn’t made any changes for its sixth annual festival (slated for Aug. 27-30) so far. They’re keeping a close eye on the pandemic and state guidelines. In the interim, for folks stuck at home who have already exhausted all the good TV and films in their queues MNFF suggests “The Return of Richard III on the 924am Train,” produced by...

EILEEN GOMBOSI IS the art teacher for Ripton and Salisbury elementary schools — she’s also an artist herself. Recently she’s been feverishly working on a new series of paintings, drawings and pastels that concern the balance of the planet and how climate change is affecting creatures large and small.
RIPTON — Right from the start, Eileen Gombosi knew her next art series was going to be a statement on balance in the ecological world, and now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic it feels more timely than ever.  “I’ve been on fire,” she said in a remote interview earlier this month. “I have more time to be working at home in my studio. Those times of working and intense creativity are the same for me.” When she’s not doing her personal work in her studio, Gombosi is online with her art students from Ripton and Salisbury elementary schools. “My work teaching is very different these days,” she said....
Charity Bryant (1777-1851) and Sylvia Drake (1784-1868) Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake met as young women in February 1807 in Weybridge. They spent the next 44 years in each other’s company until Charity’s death. Together they built their family house. They supported themselves, when most women were not self-relying, by running a well sought after tailoring business, cutting and hand stitching clothes for the local community. Both women were active participants in the local church and charities, and maintained broad social contacts with friends and members of their families.  As a result,...
(Algonquin Books) Tsui reminds us that “as human swimmers, we can never really be the fish,” but we can experience the unique isolation of submersion. Her informative book focuses on five components of swimming: survival, well-being, community, competition and flow. In an engaging conversational tone, she explores the why plus the how, where and who of swimming. Her forays are punctuated with a trove of interesting characters and their tales, including, but not limited to: Guðlaugur Friðþórsson, an Icelandic fisherman who swam for 5.7 km (almost 5 miles) in 5 degrees C (41 degrees F) water to...

THE VERMONT FOLKLIFE Center has launched a “Show Us For Masks!” project, where they’re calling for photos of masks that you, your friends, family and neighbors have made.
MIDDLEBURY — Like many people across the globe, Vermonters have stepped up and started making homemade face masks — both in response to a call for us to wear them while out in public, and to help address the shortage of basic protective equipment for doctors, nurses, EMTs and other essential workers. Practical, and often whimsical and fun, these masks are one more way people adapt traditional skills to address contemporary — and in this case pressing — needs. Mask designs are drawn from an ever-growing array of sources, with the final results limited only by imagination and shaped by the...

LILLIAN KENNEDY IS hosting a Staycation Art Series on her blog Every Friday through the coronavirus crisis, she posts a new tutorial intended to “refresh your spirit with fearless drawing and painting.”
When the coronavirus hit, Lillian Kennedy knew she wanted to help. But how? “I didn’t want to sew masks, and I’m not a healthcare professional,” she said over a video interview last week. “So I started the Staycation Art Lessons series as my way of volunteering during the crisis.” Kennedy is posting weekly art lessons every Friday on her blog  “Refresh your spirit with fearless drawing and painting” is Kennedy’s tagline for the series because, well, she believes that.  “The very simple act of drawing is a gift to give yourself,” she said. “Join in, build your skills and...

Some women drive change, others survive it. Moving with her family from Connecticut to Addison in 1770 at the age of 3, Sally Kellogg was part of the wave of migrants from southern New England who settled on Abenaki lands after the French and Indian war and were driven out during the Revolutionary War. She left an account of their struggles in a pension application. When they saw Benedict Arnold’s defeated fleet coming up Lake Champlain in 1777, the family gathered what they could carry and made their way to Bennington, where 10-year-old Sally saw General Stark’s men trotting by on the eve of...

SONG SPARROWS AND other birds enjoy the lovely seedheads of the Gloriosa Daisies that Judith leaves in her garden over winter before cleaning them up in the spring. Photo by Dick Conrad
For me the mention of “spring cleaning” awakens early memories of my childhood in England where it was considered an essential ritual to both clean one’s house and also to tidy up one’s life.  Every April my mother would diligently take down every curtain and wash each window. Next she would launder all the curtains and hang them outside to dry. She would then carefully iron and rehang each one.  And, although I do not remember for sure, I imagine she also washed the woodwork and scrubbed the floors, too. Indeed the practice of marking the arrival of spring by diligently cleaning both our...
While we all practice our safe social distancing there’s no reason to shy away from art, especially when you can view galleries (near and far) online. Here’s a round up of local galleries’ digital options. Blues Jam with Tom Caswell Wednesday nights Local bluesman Tom Caswell is hosting a live stream blues jam every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. on Facebook. The first jam on April 1, had nearly 800 viewers. Check it out @TheTomCaswellBluesBand page. Sarah King Sings Thursday nights Ripton musician Sarah King is hosting a live streaming series on Thursday nights at 7 p.m.  Today, Thursday, April...
Real estate is one of the many segments of the economy that has felt the effects of COVID-19. Although there are many restrictions on what we can do right now, there are still opportunities for both buyers and sellers to stay active in the marketplace. I would encourage buyers to use this time to reach out to their agent to discuss various properties, and gather information not only from their agent, but from any information that is online as well. Many properties have virtual tours attached, which are a great way to get a good sense of a property. Aerial photographs, soil information, town...


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