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The Hirschfield International Film Series will screen “State vs Natasha Banina” on Saturday, Oct. 24, at 8 p.m. Registration is required and there is a 24-hour window to watch this free film from your own home since Middlebury College is still closed to visitors. Register at State vs Natasha Banina In State vs Natasha Banina, a girl tells the story of her life in a small-town orphanage, and her desire to be free; break out of her world. From the inside of a "ZOOM" courtroom, she will make twists and turns through her unique appeal to...

PLANT BULBS AT a depth of two to three times the height of the bulb, making sure that the tip of the bulb points up to the sky. (photo: Bonnie Kirn Donahue)
Do your future self a favor, and plant spring-blooming bulbs this fall. Depending on where you live, there can be a month or more after the snow recedes in spring until we see flowers. Planting spring-flowering bulbs shortens this window and packs a ton of color, contrast and liveliness against a backdrop of the slowly awakening earth. Spring-flowering bulbs are an incredibly hopeful presence in a time of cool temperatures and unpredictable forecasts. The key to having bulbs bloom in the spring is to plant them in the fall. The best time to plant is mid-September through October when...

SOME MEMBERS AND friends of the Monkton Community Dog Park Committee and their hopeful canine companions take a photo break in the proposed dog park area this past August. Permission and funds have been gathered for fencing of the dog area in Morse Park next month. Pictured from left are Bob Radler and Peak, Cathie Buscaglia and Charlee, Paul Lowe, Deb Gaynor and Flynn, Corine Farewell and Caro, and Callie Brynn and Cora. Photo by Buzz Kuhns
MONKTON — A few weeks from now, when the first canine residents of northern Addison County and surrounding areas suddenly find themselves unleashed in Monkton’s brand-new dog park, their snuffling, howling, wagging, zoomy pleasures will be quite a sight to see. No doubt their owners will also be pleased, especially those who over the years have spent countless hours transporting dogs-going-bonkers to parks in Middlebury or Shelburne or even Burlington. Once complete, the Monkton Community Dog Park will occupy just under one acre of Morse Park south of the Rec Field parking lot off Pond Road....

ACTOR DANA BLOCK, joined by almost a dozen other performers, sings from the script of “Spit’n Lyon” during a run-through of the new musical outside a Charlotte home last month. The musical, brainchild of musician John Daly (standing right), tells the story of Vermonter Matthew Lyon’s efforts to aid the birth of the United States, which landed him in jail. Independent photo/John S McCright
The nation is torn apart by factions haranguing their fellow citizens for wrong-headed thinking and transgressions both real and fabricated. The president, emboldened by sycophants, abuses his power, denigrates immigrants and takes on the trappings of a king, even to the point of threatening to throw his critics in jail. “Fake news” ricochets around the landscape. Sound familiar?  This is not the United States of America in 2020, it’s the United States in the late 1790s. When Federalists (behind President John Adams) and Democratic-Republicans (behind Thomas Jefferson) excoriated one another...

THE TICKET CELEBRATING the winner of the 1840 presidential election carries a wealth of political history.
Currently we live in one of the most politically divisive times in American history. However, the past is full of politically charged moments that still resonate with us today as documented by the Sheldon Museum’s archival collections.  TICKETS TO THE PAST Henry L. Sheldon collected materials related to national and local politics including tickets, ballots, invitations, posters and other paraphernalia that now illuminate and facilitate our understanding of political symbols, slogans and fraught moments of national history.  The Election of 1840 The ticket celebrating the winner of the 1840...
(Counterpoint Press) Now in paperback, “The Revisioners” is award-winning author Margaret Wilkerson Sexton’s second novel, and a national bestseller. It is a lively, expansive and deeply moving book composed of three timelines and focused on two women, Josephine and Ava. Josephine’s narrative occupies two time periods in her life: in 1885 she is living out her days as a slave on a Mississippi plantation, possessed of a singular ability to manifest what she “sees” as a route to freedom, while in 1924, she is widowed, an elderly matriarch continuing to help guide her family who now have the...
BRANDON — “Chasing Echoes” is Phil Henry’s first studio album in five years. Come hear the new release at the Jack McKernon Drive-in at Estabrook Field in Brandon on Sunday, Oct. 18, at 2 p.m. Richard Ruane and Beth Duquette will open for Henry.  The new album features 16 new recordings, largely built around his performing band, Phil Henry and the News Feed. Although the compositions are still drafted in Henry’s folk and storytelling foundation, this recording showcases the dynamic energy of his live ensemble. Over 20 guest artists from around the country round out the project.  A celebration...
The Hirschfield International Film Series will screen “Night Shot” on Saturday, Oct. 17, at 6 p.m. Registration is required and there is a 24-hour window to watch this free film from your own home since Middlebury College is still closed to visitors. Register at Night Shot (Visión nocturna) Eight years after being raped on a beach near Santiago, a young filmmaker arms a kaleidoscope with dozens of video diaries, showing the wounds of the abuse, the re-victimizing legal proceedings and the friendship that accompanies it. In a voyage from...

THE PLAY, WRITTEN by Mat Smart, profiles the 45-year friendship of suffragette Susan B. Anthony and escaped slave turned civil rights leader Frederick Douglass.
CHARLOTTE — Middlebury College Professors Michole Biancosino and Claudio Medeiros and Town Hall Theater (THT) present a play reading of “The Agitators” outdoors at Clemmons Family Farm in Charlotte on October for 17 and 18. The play, written by Mat Smart, profiles the 45-year friendship of suffragette Susan B. Anthony and escaped slave turned civil rights leader Frederick Douglass. “Do you believe this can ever be a country for all?” Susan B. Anthony asks Frederick Douglass on the day they first meet. This question is a focal point of “The Agitators,” a play that explores the shared dreams,...

RECENT UVM GRADUATE Alexa Herrera Condry, Will and Jennifer’s daughter, is a videographer and photographer who often serves as a model for her parents’ murals, including this one at American Flatbread restaurant in Middlebury. The mural is titled, “Nourishment.” Photo by Jennifer Herrera Condry
BRANDON — Sometimes, if they’re lucky, when two people come together the gifts they each bring complement and strengthen the bond they form. At a time when race and activism are socio-cultural touchstones in the United States, Jennifer Herrera Condry and Will Kasso Condry are working to spread understanding and community through public art. The husband and wife art duo moved to Brandon two years ago and formed their business, Juniper Creative, which paints large, public murals. During the recent years’ social unrest, they have been traveling throughout the region working on murals...


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