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Northeast Addison Television (NEAT) in Bristol has announced the lineup for its Studio2 Summer Covid Music Series. The series airs live every Friday evening at 7 p.m. on Comcast Cable channel 1080. Performances can also be live-streamed on the NEAT website, where they will be archived for future viewing. Lincoln musician Nate Gusakov kicked the series off on July 17, and Bristol Irish drum player Reagh Greenleaf Jr. kept the show rolling on July 24. The following artists have also been scheduled for the coming weeks: •  July 31: Jim and Anna Lienau. •  Aug. 7: Richard Ruane and Beth Duquette...
(William Morrow & Company) To the Métis people of Canada and the far north reaches of the midwestern United States, a Rogarou is a shapeshifting werewolf-like creature that roamed the roads at night, “the threat from a hundred stories told by those old enough to remember the tales...He was a dog, a man, a wolf.” Tales of his presence kept young girls off the roads at night and ensured young boys never talked back to their parents. Out of this world, a husband has disappeared, gone now for over a year, and his wife, his love, Joan of Arcand, looks for him in every ditch — never stops...

MEMBERS OF THE local band Exoerro, formerly known as Squig Heart, take a breather outside their Starksboro rehearsal and recording space. The quartet has evolved in part from regular participation in the Rock It Science music camps hosted by Town Hall Theater in Middlebury. Pictured rom left are Starksboro guitarist and singer Evan Jennison, Middlebury bassist Kai Pasciak, Monkton guitarist Chris Wolak and Lincoln drummer Preston Connell. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
STARKSBORO — In 2017, after participating in Town Hall Theater’s Rock-It Science music camp, Starksboro guitarist Evan Jennison (then 13) and Lincoln drummer Preston Connell (then 12) decided to form a band together. They began jamming in a small corner of Jennison’s unfinished basement and were soon joined by Middlebury bass player Kai Pasciak (now 17) and Orwell guitarist Declan Anderson (now 15). They called themselves Squig Heart. Since then they’ve continued to attend Rock-It Science sessions, honed their chops, written loads of songs, played a series of increasingly high-profile gigs...

DANIEL AND SIX-year-old Joni arrange kindling in the firepit under a vibrant rainbow at our lean-to site at Bomoseen State Park this month. We were thankful to have the lean-to for shelter during the big thunderstorm that passed through earlier that afternoon. Independent photo/Megan James
This story first appeard on At the beginning of the month my family went camping — twice. I had never camped with my children before. I loved camping as a kid, but the idea of sleeping in a tent with a baby or toddler seemed … unpleasant. Then the pandemic happened. Everything was canceled or closed. Suddenly camping seemed like the perfect (only) thing to do to make summer feel special. And now that my kids are 6 and 3, we’re all feeling a little more flexible about sleep. So, inspired by a friend who has been camping with her two young kids almost every week this summer, we...

EMPLOYEES FROM ATHLETIC Brewing Co. regularly improve outdoor recreation areas as part of their corporate mission. Recently the company, founded by a Middlebury College grad, committed to work on the Long Trail in Vermont.
A big donation to the Green Mountain Club by a company founded by 2005 Middlebury College graduate Bill Shufelt will help the club maintain the historic Long Trail. Athletic Brewing Company recently joined the list of Green Mountain Club corporate sponsors with a $15,000 donation and a commitment to support maintenance of the trail that stretches 272 miles from the Massachusetts border to the Quebec border. The Long Trail, established in 1910, is the country’s oldest long-distance hiking trail. The donation will also help shore up the Long Trail Patrol, the crew that maintains damaged and...

As you swat away blackflies this summer, look closely — it may be that not all those flies are flies. Some of them might be tiny sweat bees, members of the Halictidae family, which gets its common name because some species will lick sweat from human skin. Sweat bees are a diverse group, comprising thousands of species, including at least 86 in Vermont and more than 100 in New Hampshire. They measure from 4 to 15 millimeters, about the size of a black fly, and range from dully colored to bright metallic hues. One of the most eye-catching is the bicolored striped sweat bee (Agapostemon...
(Knopf Publishing Group)   In the late 16th century, a glover from Stratford, England, foul-tempered and prone to fits of rage, in debt to a now-deceased land owner, compels his oldest to tutor the farmer’s sons in Latin as a form of repayment. While there, the young tutor spies Agnes, offspring from the farmer’s first marriage, striding out of the woods, kestrel on her arm, and mistakes her for a serving girl; she awakens a desire in him. He pursues her, never once thinking she is the infamously wild and fierce eldest daughter of the house. Agnes, earthy, abundant, crafty, figures large in...

HOMEWORD BOUND’S WOOFSTOCK fundraiser will take place this year in a social-distancing format. Photo courtesy of Homeward Bound.
MIDDLEBURY — Like every other organization, Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society, is having to adjust its signature summer event to life during a pandemic. Shelter officials recently announced that they will be holding their annual fundraising event, Woofstock: Walk for the Animals, on Saturday, Sept. 12, but in a different format.  Participants will have the choice of taking part virtually in their own neighborhoods or by walking the 0.7- mile loop around the shelter on Boardman Street on their own between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. that day. “The needs of homeless animals don’t go away...
WEYBRIDGE — Musician, writer and guerilla artist Camden Joy (known to many of us as Weybridge resident Tom Aldeman) has released his second recording of original music. Titled “American Love,” Joy released the recording, appropriately enough, on our nation’s birthday, July 4.  All the songs are were written, produced and sung by Camden Joy, with Lukas Lerner on drums and his father, Mark Lerner, playing bass. The record was made during April and May with each musician in lockdown performing at a distance. Files were emailed back and forth. When a song was deemed to be complete, the tracks...

MANY PERFORMERS FROM the popular Broadway Direct fundraising shows will kick off the 2020-2021 Vergennes Opera House season with The Little City Cabaret in mid-August. Pictured here from Broadway Direct 2019 are, from left, front, Richard Koons, Amanda Ryan Paige, Elisa Van Duyne and Bill Carmichael (Walsh); and rear, students Anneke Shepard, Harlan Paquin and Addie Brooks. Photo by Tim Barden Photography
VERGENNES — The volunteers who make up the Friends of the Vergennes Opera House organization — and, in fact, operate the theater — spent late winter and spring learning about how to deal with a pandemic and planning and considering when to re-open the linchpin of the city’s arts scene. On the weekend of Aug. 14 to 16 the product of their efforts will be unveiled — three shows that will offer the talents of the performers who for years have entertained opera house audiences with the popular “Broadway Direct” fundraisers. In this case they will be doing business as The Little City Cabaret....


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