MONKTON — The Monkton Town Office will be open on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to assist voters who may not have received their election ballots in the mail. According to an announcement sent out by the town Friday afternoon, a large volume of ballots were returned to the Town Office as undeliverable. Monkton residents who did not receive their ballot in the mail are encouraged to stop by the clerk's office Saturday so officials can help them with their voting needs. Residents with any questions may call the office, 802-453-3800, during regular hours.
With the election on Tuesday now is a good time to point out the shortfalls of the present system. Voters were asked to select either a Republican or Democratic ballot for the presidential primary. Results are predictable this year but there is always the potential for mischief voting as Republicans in some states were planning. What is more alarming though, is what will happen on Aug. 11 for the state primary. Again voters will have to choose a ballot to use. With multiple offices there are often people from multiple parties that you might prefer. That is not permitted under Vermont’s...

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