Board approves Bristol Town Plan

BRISTOL — After Town Meeting Day elections wrapped up on Tuesday, the Bristol Planning Commission convened at Howden Hall and approved language for the land-use section of a new proposed town plan.

With that, according to acting-Chair Chico Martin, the commission has fully approved the massive update to the Bristol Town Plan.

Two weeks ago, the planning commission OK’d maps that set the perimeter for a downtown “Village Planning Area” and a Conservation Zone, where resource extraction is prohibited. Language to accompany the maps was not formalized at that Feb. 21 meeting, and planners said they wanted to include verbiage that protected current sand and gravel extraction operations in the Conservation Zone. Over the past two weeks, planners have submitted language to Martin, and on Tuesday the planners met to discuss the land-use section.

The planners unanimously approved the new language for the land-use section on Tuesday, Martin said. Right now, he’s compiling all of the alterations that the planning commission agreed to, and in the next week, he plans to send the complete proposal to the selectboard.

After Martin has consolidated all of the changes, he said the proposed plan will be available for the public, and the Addison Independentwill write an analysis of the changes.

The planning commission hopes that voters will be able to decide the fate of this proposed town plan at the November general election. But before that happens, the proposal must first obtain selectboard approval and undergo the scrutiny of two public hearings.

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