Bread Loaf

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE PLANS to house 90 juniors and seniors at its Bread Loaf campus in Ripton this year, due to a larger than usual student body. Dining services will be available to students on the mountain, and regular shuttle service will transport them to and from Middlebury’s downtown campus.
RIPTON — For the first time in its history Middlebury College will house undergraduate students at its Bread Loaf campus during the regular school year. “We will have a larger than usual student body this fall — about 2,800 students — and opening the Bread Loaf campus for residential housing and some classes is part of our planning process,” said Director of Media Relations Sarah Ray in an email to the Independent. Middlebury typically enrolls about 2,500 students each year, but the college received a record number of applications last winter, nearly 12,000. In addition to hosting additional...

RUTLAND RESIDENT GREG Zullo, left, leads a group discussion about educating people about their rights during the Vision for Vermont summit at Bread Load on Sept. 14. Photo courtesy of Jon Isham
BREAD LOAF — At the end of the second Vision for Vermont summit, which was held on Sept. 14 at the Bread Loaf campus of Middlebury College in Ripton, co-organizer and Charlotte resident Ruah Swennerfelt asked the 71 attendees to take home a pre-addressed postage-paid card. On the blank side of each card Swennerfelt had written with a red Sharpie one simple question. “What if?” Answering that question — dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of times — may hold the key to achieving the group’s goals, which include: • justice and equal rights for all. • responsible and effective government. •...

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