Bristol Trail Network

ONE OF 20 recently installed, student-made artworks on the Bristol Trail Network. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
BRISTOL — Last week, on a segment of the Bristol Trail Network that starts behind the Firehouse, Mount Abraham Union Middle School seventh-graders Isabella Shackett and Nathan Lester made a work of art from vines, twigs, bark and leaves, then suspended it from a trio of young trees. Teaching artist Claire Tebbs watched their work develop. “What’s remarkable about this installation is that they had completely different visions for it but were at peace with the same work,” Tebbs said. Lester calls the work “Nature’s Pizza,” alluding to its triangular shape and drawing parallels between the “...
BRISTOL — Porter Knight, Bristol Recreation Club vice president, is reminding everyone that the Bristol Trail Network — including the High School trail — is open.  “Though the Mount Abraham Union High School property is otherwise closed to the public, the superintendent has confirmed that it is OK to use the trail behind the high school,” Knight said in an email to rec club enthusiasts late last week. She is also Bristol Trail Network coordinator. “Please help us spread the word.”  The signs posted around the high school saying that the property is closed have been causing a lot of confusion...

FOOTPRINTS IN THE snow suggest that hikers are using the Bristol Trail Network year round. Photo courtesy of Bristol Trail Network
BRISTOL — Winter weather may have hit pause on Bristol Trail Network (BTN) construction, but evidence suggests that the existing trails are getting plenty of use. “We’re seeing footprints in the snow on all of the sections,” said Porter Knight, who for more than two years has overseen the building and maintenance of the BTN, a project of the Bristol Recreation Club. The BTN is a developing network of trails around Bristol that promote access to and appreciation for natural, historical, and cultural resources and support the recreation and education of residents and visitors alike. Seeing the...

WALKERS ENJOY A little “forest bathing” as they trek along the Bristol Trail Network on July 1. Efforts to connect trails around town into a six-mile loop are proceeding in the network’s second year. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
BRISTOL — Porter Knight, who for more than two years has overseen construction of the Bristol Trail Network, asks fun questions. Take, for instance, a group email she sent out on June 19: “Anyone have a machete and know how to use it?” Volunteer trail builders had encountered something quite a bit tougher than grass. “We need someone who wants to hatchet it down with some type of thing (a machete was suggested) and then weed-whack it,” she continued. The following day, in an email postscript, Knight announced with amusement that the machete email had generated more interest than any other...

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