After fielding comments from Bristol business owner Maura Donnelly asking for town help in convincing customers to wear masks, the Bristol selectboard said that at its next meeting it would consider a resolution on mask wearing in town. Vermont Marketplace co-owner Carol Wells, shown here, says customers have been willing to wear masks in her Main Street store.
BRISTOL — After a downtown store owner raised concerns about employees being accosted by customers who don’t want to wear required face masks, the Bristol selectboard is considering a resolution that would express support for local businesses that require masks. “Yesterday afternoon two teenagers were working on their own in the store when a customer came in and refused to wear a mask,” wrote Simon Says owner Maura Donnelly in a July 12 email to the board. “When she was told she had to wear a mask, she said it made her ‘uncomfortable’ and that she ‘didn’t agree with wearing a mask.’” The...

NORTHEAST ADDISON TELEVISION producer (and local musician) Shawn Kimball recently tested the studio, equipment and live-streaming technology that will be used to bring the Studio2 Summer Covid Music Series to live online audiences. The series will feature a different artist every Friday night for six weeks beginning July 17. Courtesy of NEAT
BRISTOL — Drawing on a wealth of local music talent and the availability of an additional studio for the summer, Northeast Addison Television (NEAT) is launching a new series of live-music broadcasts. For the next six Friday evenings, viewers can tune in to the Studio2 Summer Covid Music Series on Comcast Cable channel 1080, or watch the live stream on the station’s website,, where all performance videos will be archived for later viewing. Lincoln musician Nate Gusakov kicks things off this Friday, July 17, at 7 p.m. with new solo material he’s really excited about. Gusakov’s...
BRISTOL — The Sodbusters Horseshoe Club in Bristol hosted the World Champ’s Classic Horseshoe Tournament at their home courts near the Bristol Recreation Fields on Sunday, July 12.  It was the first sanction ed tournament to be held this season due to the coronavirus.  Dan Gonyaw won the Class A competition with an 8-1 record; he scored ringers on 46.47% of his pitches.  Forty-four pitchers competed.  The results, including win-loss record and ringer percentage, were: Class A: 1. Dan Gonyaw, 8-1, 46.47; 2. Gale Greene, 6-2, 59.09; 3. Brian Simmons, 6-2, 55.69; 4. Dawn Coleman, 4-3, 37.43; 5....

Coco Moseley, the new librarian at Bristol’s Lawrence Memorial Library, is implementing a plan that lets patrons visit the library by appointment.
BRISTOL — Lawrence Memorial Library in Bristol is now open by appointment for browsing and borrowing books. “It is great to welcome people back into the physical building,” said Coco Moseley, who took over as the library’s director on July 1, following the retirement of Nancy Wilson. Patrons may call 453-2366 or email to set up a 45-minute appointment during the library’s normal operating hours, and are asked to review the library’s new policies, which are designed to protect the health of the community: • Please stay home if you have a fever, symptoms of a respiratory...

AFTER 30 YEARS as director of Lawrence Memorial Library in Bristol, Nancy Wilson retired on June 30. She is most proud, she said, of the renovations and expansions that took place on her watch. In her retirement, she plans to ... catch up on some reading. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
BRISTOL — About 33 minutes into the Independent’s delightful conversation with Nancy Wilson at the Lawrence Memorial Library last month, she was called away. “Can I interrupt you for one second,” said Coco Moseley, who would soon replace Wilson as librarian. “I need to access that brain of yours.” Wilson, who was about to retire after 30 years of leading the library, switched into high gear. Walking through the fiction section like a bibliographic Sherlock Holmes, she consulted her vast store of knowledge — of the patron’s tastes and reading history, of the library’s collection and even the...

TEAM LAROSE LOST a wheel during the second semifinal of Saturday's scaled-down Great Bristol Outhouse Race, but the undeterred Megan LaRose, left; Janet Foster, right; and Emma LaRose, rear, finish the race by carrying their rolling restroom across the Elm Street finish line to the cheers of the roughly 30 appreciative fans. Independent photo/Andy Kirkaldy
BRISTOL — Typically the Great Bristol Outhouse Race is the Grand Prix of portable potties. For good reason the Bristol Fourth of July Committee bills its annual Independence Day event as the World Championship of the competition. That reason is for 43 consecutive years no one has argued that claim. Really, how can anyone dispute the majesty of red, white and blue ribbon-festooned rolling restrooms careening through cheering crowds along Bristol’s West Street? But this year something did: COVID-19. Those happy throngs this year could also be disease vectors. So the committee called off the...
In early June, a group of friends and I organized a vigil on the Bristol green to honor the life of George Floyd and raise awareness about police brutality. The aim was to connect people with resources for antiracist self-education and action, and encourage involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement.  Though People of Color have been abused and murdered by white authority since Europeans arrived in the Americas, several killings of Black people by police in the past few months have caught mainstream attention, and the momentum of the BLM movement has continued to grow. We reached out to...
I personally want to say thank you to the administration and faculty for everything they did for the graduation on Saturday, June 6. They were so very organized, they all cheered on the graduates as you passed them by, which made them feel special, as they all are special. In these times with the social distancing requirements, graduation seemed like it could be another bleak moment, one these seniors have had to endure, so many times in the last few months of their senior year, missing their last prom, spring sports, academic recognition night, signing yearbooks, and enjoying the last...
Here’s a question for everyone who lives in the Bristol Police District, who are on the hook for funding 90% of the town’s police budget: If there were a question on the ballot that, if approved, would dissolve the Bristol Police District — effectively eliminating local police — would you vote yes or no? Note: According to the document that spelled out terms for merging the town and village in the 1990s, people outside the district do not get to vote on such a question.   Eliminating the police district might not be what we want… But some changes are worth considering. We’ve heard from...
BRISTOL — As Mount Abraham Unified School District officials iron out plans for in-person classes this fall, they are ready to go with some limited student contact this summer. MAUSD summer programs — including Expanded Learning, Summer Meals and special education programming — will get under way later this month, albeit with significant modifications because of the ongoing pandemic. Enrollment for the Summer Expanded Learning Program (ELP), which will begin at Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School on June 29, is already closed, according to ELP Director Mandy Chesley-Park, who spoke in an...


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