Burgess Needle

There has been a great deal written about the pros and cons of keeping Ripton Elementary School open; and, with the best of intentions, most of the positions have been built upon facts and figures dealing with populations, resources and money. While our community does its best to logically allocate available funds, there are times we need to step out from the shade of pure reason’s umbrella and allow the heat of emotion to touch us. In the Thai language, when you want someone to calm down you tell them to “chill their heart.” Well, I don’t think we should be calm at the prospect of having our...
At the start of summer, my ancient and rusty Briggs & Stratton lawnmower bit a jagged piece of Vermont granite outcropping and I was told it was no longer repairable. Fine. I certainly could not complain after so many years of service. That’s when I made a startling discovery. There was a new brand in town I’d never heard of. Husqvarna! Excuse me? Yes, Husqvarna. “Where is it made?” I asked the salesman. “They have factories all over the world,” he said. “Where’s their really big factory?” I persisted. “I think they have a large manufacturing plant in Georgia,” he said. This was getting...

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