In addition to the garden, the chickens and the children, Faith Gong has some ducks.
This will likely be a short column, because we are in the midst of putting in our garden. I have a complex relationship with my garden — as, I suspect, do many. Starting around March, a feeling that has lain dormant throughout the winter begins to stir in me: panic. Suddenly, I feel the urge to start drawing up a planting schedule and ordering seeds. This feeling intensifies as the days lengthen. By the time we start planting, usually in late April, my panic has been replaced with a lingering guilt. I feel guilty if I’m not out working in the garden when the weather is fine. When the forecast...
The most common type of maltreatment of children is neglect, the Middlebury Family Services of the Vermont Department For Children And Families is reporting. In these hard times, it is especially important that we all do what we can to support families in need. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is a good reminded that we all need to keep children safe and families strong in supportive communities. Get updated tools, tips, and techniques in the 2019/2020 Prevention Resource Guide. #NCAPM2020 #childabusepreventionmonth Officials at the Department for Children and Families (DCF),...
VERMONT — The statewide Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington knew at least 40 Vermont priests faced accusations of sexually abusing children over the past seven decades but did nothing to alert the public or police, a lay-led church committee announced Thursday. Twelve of those priests served in Addison County or Brandon. Their tenures occurred at various points between 1950 and 2002. The committee, given unprecedented access to personnel files once seen by only Catholic leaders and lawyers, issued an online report that named the accused clergy — none whom are currently working but several...

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