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Are you growing GIANT veggies!?

Enter them in the Addy Indy Garden Game!

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We welcome entries from any of the listed categories. Bring your entry into our office between 9am and 4pm Monday-Friday and we’ll measure it and snap a photo. Each week we’ll publish new entries and update our frontrunners for each category in the contest. At the end of the season, each category winner* will be eligible to receive a gift certificate from our Garden Game sponsor, Middlebury Agway.

*Please note: Each individual is eligible to win one gift certificate, even if they win multiple categories.




• Asparagus (length x circumference) - Pamela Thomas, 29.75” x 2.75” 

• Beet (circumference) - Barbara Pelton, 11”

• Broccoli (diameter) - Pamela Thomas, 15.5”

• Cabbage (circumference) - Fran Putnam, 22.5”

• Cantaloupe (circumference)

• Carrot (length x circumference)

• Cauliflower (diameter)

• Corn (length x circumference)

• Cucumber (length x circumference) - Barbara Pelton, 18” x 8.5”

• Eggplant (circumference x circumference) - Ted Foster, 22.25” x 18”

• Fennel (length x circumference)

• Green bean (length) - Gary Miller, 28.5”

• Kohlrabi (circumference)

• Leafy greens (length x width - leaf only) - Gary Miller, 19.5” x 10”

• Leek (length x circumference) 

• Melon (circumference) - Pamela Thomas, 34”

• Onion (circumference) - Ed Blechner, 14”

• Parsnip (circumference) - Ted Foster, 4.75”

• Potato (length x circumference) - Peter Fournier, 8” x 11.5”

• Pepper (circumference x circumference) - Gary Miller, 12.75” x 14.5”

• Pumpkin (circumference x circumference) - Fran Putnam, 58” x 46.5”

• Radish (circumference) - Roger Scarborough, 10”

• Rhubarb (length)

• Rutabaga (circumference)

• Summer squash (length x circumference) - Enea Ancarani, 13” x 14.75”

• Sunflower (diameter) - Barbara Pelton, 18”

• Tomato (circumference) - Lisa Maloney, 17.75”

• Turnip (circumference) - Mike Chicoine & Vera Bergeron, 16”

• Winter squash (length x circumference) - Barbara Pelton, 12.5” x 15.25"

• Zucchini (length x circumference) - Sebastian Ancarani, 22.75” x 19”


If you prefer to email your entry, please send a photo of your vegetable/fruit relative to a common measuring device and send the measurements, your name, town, and contact information to If you'd like, please send along any gardening tips about how you're able to grow such successful veggies/fruits and snap a photo of yourself with your entry!

Please take a photo showing the measurement and the vegetable
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