MIDDLEBURY UNION MIDDLE School Guidance Counselor Jeff Murawski is retiring this month after 31 years helping students make the transition from elementary to secondary school. Independent photo/John S. McCright
MIDDLEBURY — Jeff Murawski might be 65 years old, but he feels like he’s still in his 30s. No, the Middlebury Union Middle School guidance counselor hasn’t found the fountain of youth. It’s his students that have kept him young. “I’ve always liked my job and I’ve always enjoyed going to work,” Murawski said during a recent phone interview. “The great thing about kids this age is they come every year as 12-year-olds and leave you at 14, and they’re always the same age. It makes you feel, in some weird way, like you haven’t gotten older. I’ve really enjoyed that part.” After 31 years of helping...

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