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ADDISON COUNTY — We, two Middlebury College students, set off on a mission: 16 country stores, 408 miles, one week. Our wild, cross-county expedition was motivated by a slew of questions: Why have multiple Vermont country stores closed across the state in recent years? What is the future of country stores? What makes a store, a country store? We interviewed the owners at each store to uncover their challenges, triumphs and everything in between. These traditional mainstays of Vermont life come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, with personalities as unique as the enthusiastic and...
Over the last decade, Vermont has lost many of its small country stores. The Addison Independent visited some that remain to find out what makes them special — and how they are evolving. Read more in our article by Caroline Kapp and Nora Peachin.

Caroline Kapp and Nora Peachin visited many of Vermont's country, general and village stores to find out what makes them special — and how they are evolving. Read their companion article here. ADDISON FOUR CORNERS STORE ADDISON — The Addison Four Corners Store is a land of temptation. If the table of homemade chocolates when you enter the door doesn’t make you immediately stop in your tracks to fill up a bag, the cider doughnuts (made fresh daily) will certainly do the trick. These treats were all part of the updates made by current owner Terri Glidden and her husband, Herbert. Terri...

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