Bristol Police Log for Jul. 1

BRISTOL — Between June 14 and 20, Bristol police completed 12 foot patrols, conducted four car patrols, monitored traffic during school dismissal once, and checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School seven times, at Bristol Elementary School seven times, and at local businesses six times.

Police also completed one fingerprint request, verified one vehicle identification number, conducted three welfare checks without incident, helped one person get into their locked vehicle and facilitated the return of one lost wallet.

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

•  On June 14 investigated a complaint about a suspicious vehicle in the West Pleasant Street area, but the vehicle was gone when police arrived.

•  On June 14 helped someone in the police district obtain mental health services.

•  On June 14 helped serve a temporary relief from abuse order to someone incarcerated in Wisconsin.

•  On June 15 helped someone in the police district obtain mental health services.

•  On June 15 began investigating a report of threatening behavior between juveniles on West Street.

•  On June 15 took a report of juveniles creating a nuisance on East Street.

•  On June 16 helped with a nuisance bear on West Street.

•  On June 17 served a no-trespass notice on someone on behalf of a West Street business.

•  On June 17 served court paperwork on two people at Blaises Mobile Home Park.

•  On June 19 contacted a signal company about the broken red light at the intersection of Main and North streets.

•  On June 19 investigated a 911 hang-up call and determined it was a misdial.

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