Bristol Police Log for May 28

BRISTOL — Between April 27 and May 10, Bristol police completed 15 foot patrols and more than two hours of car patrols in various parts of town, some of which were part of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. 

Officers checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School 14 times, Bristol Elementary School once and local businesses 11 times. They also completed at least two fingerprint requests, facilitated the return of one loose dog and verified one Vehicle Identification Number.

The department also assisted Bristol Fire Department, Vermont State Police, Brandon Police Department and Oregon Department of Human Services.

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

• On April 28 investigated a report of a suspicious person and determined that they were using a shortcut between properties and that no offense was committed.

• On April 29 helped someone contact a medical services agency.

• On April 30 assisted another agency.

• On May 2 began investigating an assault complaint.

• On May 2 responded to an alarm on Main Street, which was determined to be malfunctioning.

• On May 2 provided traffic control while a delivery truck backed into a driveway in an area with limited visibility.

• On May 2 helped a motorist start their vehicle.

• On May 2 responded to a report of a person riding a motorcycle without a helmet and spoke to someone in the area but did not observe the alleged violation.

• On May 3 helped a motorist with a disabled vehicle contact a towing company, and provided a courtesy ride.

• On May 4 helped a utility company locate the owner of parked vehicle that was hindering access to a work area, and the vehicle was moved without incident.

• On May 4 recovered a firearm for safekeeping.

• On May 4 conducted a welfare check and observed no issues or concerns.

• On May 7 helped someone report a parking lot vehicle crash with minimal damage.

• On May 7 investigated a report of suspicious behavior and determined that no action rose to the level of an offense.

• On May 9 helped someone find their vehicle.

• On May 10 responded to a report of a verbal dispute and determined that no action rose to the level of an offense.

• On May 10 helped find a lost motorist.

• On May 10 helped someone find temporary housing.

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