Bristol Police Log: Police busy with security checks

BRISTOL — Between Dec. 7 and 20, Bristol police completed 15 foot patrols and checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School 13 times, at Bristol Elementary School nine times, and at local businesses 14 times; completed at least 12 fingerprint requests; verified one vehicle identification number; and facilitated the return of one lost wallet, one item of “found property” and one loose dog, whose owner was subsequently ticketed for violating the town ordinance.

The department also assisted Vermont State Police twice and Bristol Rescue once.

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

•  On Dec. 7 served someone with court-ordered paperwork.

•  On Dec. 7 investigated a theft complaint and determined it was civil in nature.

•  On Dec. 9 responded to a 911 hang-up call and determined it was not an emergency.

•  On Dec. 10 began investigating a possible violation of a Refrain from Abuse order.

•  On Dec. 11 helped someone who had received suspicious phone calls.

•  On Dec. 11 investigated a motor vehicle complaint but found the vehicle was gone upon arrival.

•  On Dec. 12 responded to a possible trespass and determined no action rose to the level of a crime.

•  On Dec. 14 monitored traffic during dismissal from Mount Abraham Union High School.

•  On Dec. 16 served someone with court paperwork.

•  On Dec. 19 helped locate someone who forgot to pay for a purchase; they returned and paid.

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