Bristol Police Log: Police respond to gunshots

BRISTOL — On Dec. 27 Bristol police received a report of gunshots in the vicinity of Mount Abraham Union High School.

Upon investigation police determined that target practice was occurring at a nearby range, which gave the impression the shooting was closer than it actually was.

No further action by police was necessary.

Between Dec. 21 and 27, Bristol police completed six foot patrols and checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School seven times, at Bristol Elementary School six times, and at local businesses seven times.

The department also assisted Bristol Rescue twice and were in the area to assist during dismissal of Mount Abraham Union High School twice.

In other recent activity, Bristol police:

•  On Dec. 21 responded to a minor two-car crash with no injuries and will complete a report.

•  On Dec. 23 helped someone get into their locked vehicle.

•  On Dec. 24 helped Department of Public Works crew move a vehicle that was hindering their efforts at street maintenance.

•  On Dec. 27 responded to a report of a traffic hazard but observed no hazard.

•  On Dec. 27 investigated a vehicle complaint, subsequently located the driver and discussed the reported action.

•  On Dec. 27 responded to a report of erratic driving, contacted the vehicle operator and issued them a warning.

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