Middlebury Police Log: Local cited for DUI after stop

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police on July 8 cited a town resident for driving under the influence of drugs.

Following a Court Street traffic stop police cited Hunter J. Quesnel, 24, of Middlebury for the offense after observation.

Police said they took a sample of Quesnel’s blood as evidence and sent it to the Vermont Forensic Lab for analysis; results are pending.

In other action between July 6 and 13, Middlebury police:

On July 6:

•  Checked a Mead Lane apartment because of an odor a landlord feared was of a dead body. Police discovered rotting food in an oven. The tenant was not present. 

•  Aided a motorist on Route 7 South. 

•  Responded to a report of a couple arguing in the Hannaford Supermarket parking lot, but found no one. 

On July 7:

•  Helped Vermont State Police with an accident in New Haven.

•  Stood by while a family member picked up belongings from a South Munger Street residence following a domestic dispute. 

•  Checked a report of a suspicious vehicle at a Creek Road business and found a person playing a game on a cell phone.

•  Responded to a false report of loud music from the railroad construction site. 

On July 8: 

•  Responded to a reported assault on Danyow Drive and determined it was unfounded.

•  Investigated a possible theft of car keys from a Court Street apartment.

•  Responded to accidents on Court and North Pleasant streets.

•  Went to High Street to check the welfare of a woman who appeared to be in distress due to the heat and called Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services (MREMS) to help her.

•  Began investigation of an East Main Street report of fraudulent checks that police said had been manufactured to mimic business checks.

•  Checked the welfare or a Court Street resident, who was determined to be OK.

•  Could not find a vehicle reported to be operated erratically on College Street. 

•  Assisted MREMS on North Pleasant Street.

On July 9:

•  Asked a female Halladay Road tenant to quiet down, action taken after responding to a complaint. 

•  Checked a report of a suspicious suitcase left near a Court Street Dumpster; police determined it was trash. 

•  Checked the welfare of a Court Street resident, who was determined to be OK.

•  Identified a juvenile caught shoplifting at Stone Mill Public Market and notified a parent.

•  Arrested David E. Leonard, 43, of Middlebury on an outstanding warrant.

•  Helped calm a domestic dispute on Delancey Lane. 

•  Determined an email threat reported by a Jayne Court resident to be a hoax. 

On July 10: 

•  Responded to a report of cars possibly racing on Court Street, but could not find them. 

•  Dealt with a loud music complaint on Halladay Road.

•  Helped a motorist on Case Street.

•  Directed traffic around a downed power cable on Case Street.

•  Handled an accident in Chipman Park.

On July 11: 

•  On South Village Green helped MREMS lift a patient. 

•  Went to an East Main Street address to look for an individual seen on a surveillance camera at an unoccupied home, but found no one. 

•  Responded to a report of a loose calf on Seymour Street Extension. 

On July 12: 

•  At Maplefield’s on Route 7 South arrested Kim Schroeder, 59, of Leicester on an outstanding warrant. 

•  Responded to a report of a man “mostly passed out” inside a gray pickup truck in the Mary Hogan School parking lot, but were unable to find the vehicle.

•  Helped a motorist on Route 7 North. 

•  Spoke with a man drinking and littering behind a closed business on Seymour Street.

•  Responded to a report of vandalism on North Main Street. 

•  Assisted Vergennes police with a suicidal juvenile

 On July 13: 

•  Determined a report of barking dogs on Halladay Road was unfounded. 

•  Responded to a report of a loose cow in the roadway on Route 7 North. 

•  Looked into a report of someone honking a horn on Court Street Extension, but could find no issue.

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