Middlebury Police Log: Police look into missing snowboard

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police were informed of the theft of a snowboard and equipment from an unlocked vehicle parked off Ridge Line Road on Nov. 26.

The investigation continues.

In other action last week, Middlebury police:

• Responded to a report of a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident on Nov. 25.

• Received a report of a liquid manure spreader accidentally discharging its contents onto Quarry Road and various mailboxes and vehicles in the area on Nov. 25. Police said the owner of the spreader attempted to clean the mess and he also contacted the Middlebury Department of Public Works.

• Collected two beagles found off Case Street on Nov. 26 and turned them over to Homeward Bound, the Human Society of Addison County.

• Responded, with Middlebury Regional EMS officials, to a report of a patient experiencing a mental health crisis at the Ilsley Library on Nov. 26.

• Helped investigate allegations of cruelty to a family member at a Monkton residence on Nov. 26.

• Assisted a Valley View neighbor who alleged having been harassed by a neighbor on Nov. 26.

• Served a no-trespass order on the former tenant of a Court Street apartment on Nov. 26.

• Checked on the welfare a person who had posted some “concerning” messages on social media on Nov. 27.

• Responded to a Case Street residence on a Nov. 27 report of a drunken man reportedly causing problems. Police said the man left the area in the company of a sober person.

• Investigated a report of a disturbance at Porter Women’s Health on Collins Drive on Nov. 27. Police said they found a man who was having a disagreement with a physician. Police said they escorted the man to a different location.

• Received a wallet that a good Samaritan had found near Greg’s Meat Market on Nov. 27. Police found the owner and returned his wallet.

• Assisted a person who had allegedly lost two fentanyl patches on Nov. 28.

• Responded to a report of a dog “barking for hours” in the Washington Street neighborhood on Nov. 29. Police said they were unable to find the dog.

• Were tipped off about a “possible” drunken driver on East Main Street on Nov. 29. Police said they were unable to locate the vehicle in question.

• Investigated a possible fraud case at the National Bank of Middlebury on Nov. 29.

• Took, to Porter Hospital, a man who was in need of a mental health evaluation on Nov. 29.

• Assisted a family with a relative experiencing a mental health crisis in the Munson Road area on Nov. 29. Police said the person was found and evaluated by Counseling Service of Addison County officials.

• Responded on Nov. 30 to a vehicle-versus-deer crash on Route 7 South, with no human injuries reported.

• Received a report about an argument between residents of the Hill House group home on Route 7 North on Nov. 30.

• Assisted at the scene of a vehicle crash, with minor injuries, off on Route 125 in Ripton on Nov. 30.

• Were informed of the theft of a lap top computer from a John Graham Court residence on Nov. 30. The case is being investigated.

• Located and returned a patient to Porter Hospital on Nov. 30. Police said the man had been experiencing mental health problems.

• Investigated a theft from a College Street residence on Nov. 30.

• Responded to a report of some people throwing rocks at the windows of an apartment building on Buttolph Drive on Nov. 30.

• Enforced the winter parking ban in downtown Middlebury during the early morning hours of Nov. 30.

• Responded to a report of a woman allegedly refusing to leave a vehicle parked off North Pleasant Street on Dec. 1. Police said the woman ultimately left the vehicle on her own.

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