Vergennes Police Log for Apr. 22

VERGENNES — Vergennes police ended up citing a member of two sparring First Street families on April 13, but not on a charge related to either one of the two calls that brought them to the scene that Tuesday.

The first call came from a First Street man who accused a neighbor of stalking and harassing him. Police said they learned there was a custody dispute involving a grandchild of one of the families involved. They said they calmed the parties down, and also advised one party on how to obtain no-stalking and relief-from-abuse orders.

The second call came from a man who alleged he’d received a threatening phone call from one of the other parties.

In the process of investigating that allegation and once again calming the waters, police learned the caller had violated a condition of his release from prison — that he remain in his home except for extenuating circumstances — by walking past the neighbor’s home.

They then took the caller, Raymond W. White, 34, to the city police station and cited him for violating that condition of his release.

Between April 12 and 18, Vergennes police also conducted seven cruiser patrols and one foot patrol, one property watch, and one VIN inspection; fingerprinted three prospective employees; responded to one false 911 call; and:

On April 12 on behalf of Vermont State Police went to Route 22A just outside of the city to check out a reported accident, but found nothing.

On April 14:

•  Issued what they called a final warning to a Booth Woods teen not to ride an ATV on public roads or on private property, all without a helmet.

•  Helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad lift a patient at a West Main Street residence.

On April 15:

•  Helped Keene, N.H., police by obtaining the phone number of a city resident who’d been the victim of a crime in New Hampshire.

•  Took a call from a woman who said another woman had twice threatened on Facebook to shoot her, allegedly for saying she would report the woman for driving a child as an unlicensed driver in an unregistered and uninsured car. Police said they contacted the woman making the threats, and she agreed to stop.

On April 16:

•  Began investigating the alleged theft by an unidentified woman of $23 of merchandise from Kinney Drug Store. Police said they were reviewing video.

•  Sent the department K-9 unit to Bristol in an unsuccessful attempt to find a missing man.

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