Vergennes Police Log for Feb. 25

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on Monday night cited a New York resident for driving under the influence of drugs after finding him slumped behind the wheel of his pickup in the Champlain Farms convenience store parking lot.

Police cited Drew M. McCarthy, 37, of Mechanicsville, N.Y., for DUI-drugs and released him to a family member after a trip to Porter Hospital that included McCarthy being administered NARCAN after police said he began to overdose at the city police station.

Sgt. Jason Ouellette and Officers Mark Barber and Jill Harter arrived at about 5:30 p.m. and assessed the situation. Police said McCarthy “displayed an extreme level of confusion,” and got out of the truck, but he first forgot to take the truck out of gear, and they had to tell him to put it in Park when it began to roll forward.

Police took McCarthy into custody after he failed field sobriety exercises; they allege they found a crack cocaine pipe and suboxone in his coat pocket.

At the station when he began to show signs of an overdose police called the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad, and said “officers were able to keep the male breathing” until VARS arrived to take McCarthy to Porter along with police. Back at the station Vergennes police processed McCarthy for DUI-drugs before releasing him.

Editor’s note: This story was slightly edited after its original posting.

In incidents between Feb. 15 and 21, Vergennes police performed 16 directed patrols and one property watch, and also:

On Feb. 17:

•  On Main Street assisted a couple in their attempt to find lost property.

•  Went to First Street to join a birthday parade for a 5-year-old girl.

•  Went to Champlain Farms to help with an intoxicated man who was attempting to purchase alcohol. Police gave him a No-Trespass Order and a ride back to his residence.

On Feb. 18:

•  Enforced the city’s winter parking ban by contacting the owners of three vehicles that were illegally parked and having them move their vehicles.

•  Participated as instructors for a drivers’ education class.

On Feb. 19:

•  Helped a man who had fallen on the ice behind Champlain Farms and could not get up. Police helped him get on his feet and get back to his car.

•  Responded to a report of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian at the intersection of Main and Green streets. Police said the pedestrian declined transport to Porter Hospital, but was later taken there by a family member.

•  Went to School Street to help a man who was reportedly having significant emotional issues and threatening self-harm. Police said they spoke to him and he was provided family assistance.

•  Responded to Sunset Drive after being told by a cat owner the cat had been killed by his neighbor’s dogs. Police said at the time of the incident the dogs were not on their owner’s property and were not under the owner’s control. Police spoke to the dog owner, who pledged to fix a fence and leash his dogs.

•  Checked the welfare of a Hopkins Road resident, who was found to be fine and had just turned off a phone.  

On Feb. 20:

•  Looked into a report from an East Street resident that a man had stolen a ladder from a home and was walking down the street with it. Police found no evidence of the reported theft.

•  Took a report from an Armory Lane resident that her ex-husband was in violation of a court divorce order and his conditions of probation. The police officer advised her to contact the family court and her ex-husband’s probation officer.

On Feb. 22 checked the welfare of a juvenile female who was reported by a friend to be considering self-harm. Police contacted a parent and determined the juvenile was OK.

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