Vergennes Police Log for Jan. 20

VERGENNES — Following a West Main Street traffic stop on Jan. 11 Vergennes police cited a Hinesburg man for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police said they stopped a vehicle operated by Robert R. Russell III, 25, for allegedly traveling 52 mph in a 30 mph zone. After noticing signs of intoxication, the city officer cited Russell for DUI, alleging his evidentiary blood-alcohol content tested at 0.176%; the legal limit for driving is 0.08.

In other incidents between Jan. 6 and 12, Vergennes police:

On Jan. 6 spoke with a Vergennes Union High School student and a parent about challenges at the student’s home, and offered to return to speak with the student if asked by the parent or school staff.

On Jan. 7:

•  Conducted traffic details on Comfort Hill and West Main Street, but saw no violations.

•  Issued a no-trespass order to a patient of the Small City Family Practice who had threatened a caregiver.

On Jan. 8:

•  Ticketed three vehicles left out on streets after hours in violation of the city winter parking ban.

•  Looked into the report of an abandoned vehicle in the Walker Avenue apartments and learned the vehicle belonged to someone in Florida who was a family member of one of the tenants.

•  Investigated a report of a relief-from-abuse order violation on Main Street and cited Zachary T. Castillo, 26, of Vergennes for the offense; police said he contacted someone he was not supposed to on Facebook.

•  Responded to a minor two-vehicle accident on South Water Street.

•  Helped Vermont State Police by standing by a vehicle that slid off Monkton Road in Ferrisburgh until it was pulled back onto the road.

On Jan. 9:

•  Went to a Main Street residence to check a report of a vehicle blocking a driveway; it was gone when police arrived.

•  Investigated an allegation that an ex-boyfriend had charged a purchase on a woman’s account; police said the account was in the man’s name, and there was no crime.

•  Responded to a report that a Walker Road resident’s mail was not being delivered and that someone had accessed her personal information; police determined there was no illegal access.

•  Checked a report of a power outage at the Citizens Bank; power was restored.

•  Served a relief-from-abuse order to a local resident on Panton Road.

On Jan. 10:

•  Investigated an internet blackmail complaint on Meigs Road and turned the case over to the FBI’s Internet Fraud Unit.

•  Ticketed a vehicle left out on a street after hours in violation of the city winter parking ban.

•  Took a report of a minor two-vehicle collision on Main Street.

•  Took a report at the station of a lost cellphone; police learned later the phone had been misplaced.

•  Responded to a request for assistance from the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad at Valley Vista for a mental health evaluation.

•  Checked a report of a vehicle theft alarm going off on Green Street; the vehicle was gone when police arrived.

•  Responded to numerous 911 calls coming from Vergennes Union High School; police learned the calls were misdials and the phone was malfunctioning.

•  Responded to a report of a number of males who had gathered in the Walker Avenue area, accompanied by the sound of gunshots; officers determined the caller might have been suffering from dementia.

On Jan. 11:

•  Ticketed three vehicles left out on streets after hours in violation of the city winter parking ban.

•  Ticketed two drivers during a Main Street traffic detail.

On Jan. 12 ticketed two drivers during a North Main Street traffic detail.

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