Vergennes Police Log for Jul. 2

VERGENNES — In a recent seven-day period in which Vergennes police handled a variety of incidents they continued to patrol the city on a regular basis.

Between June 22 to 28 Vergennes police conducted 21 motorized and 16 foot patrols and checked in on four properties to make sure they were secure. 

During that week, city police also: 

On June 22: 

•  Checked in on a female resident of Cataract Lane who was reported to be experiencing emotional distress and led a crisis counselor to believe she would hurt herself. Police said a family member offered to stay with the woman, who said she had no intention to hurt herself.

•  Investigated a report from a Main Street resident who said he was being scammed for money from an out-of-country person; police told him to block the caller’s profile on Facebook and alert his bank.

•  Responded to a report of two young children who had been left unattended in a car near Aubuchon Hardware. Police said the caller spoke to the driver of the vehicle about the situation, but was told to mind his own business. Police tried to reach the driver, but the phone number on record was invalid.

•  Contacted the operator of vehicle sitting at the intersection of Panton Road and West Main Street, who told the officer he might have fallen asleep due to a seizure and failing to take medication. The driver was taken to Porter Hospital for evaluation and later released.

On June 23: 

•  Received a report of a youth riding a lawn tractor down the middle of Monkton Road at a high rate of speed and then spoke with him and his parents.

•  Began an investigation of the reported theft of a wallet that had been left in the bathroom at Kinney Drug Store; its owner said the wallet had a large sum of money in it at the time. 

•  Were told by a Bowman Road resident that he had received a phone call advising him his Social Security number was frozen due to some suspicious activity; police said the caller wanted them and others to be aware of the incident.

On June 24 took a report from a Bowman Road resident whose flagpole had been broken and flag knocked down.

On June 25:

•  Responded to the McDonald’s Restaurant in Ferrisburgh after being told a woman was having difficulty driving her vehicle. Vergennes police spoke to her and said she appeared to be upset, but determined she was fit to drive. 

•  Stopped James M. Benway, 37, Addison on Route 22 in Panton, ticketed him for speeding and for driving with a civilly suspended license, ordered his vehicle towed, and cited him for failing to appear in court to answer an earlier charge of excessive speeding.

•  Responded to a report from a resident of Macdonough Drive who had bottles and trash thrown on her lawn. Police informed the caller they would conduct more directed patrols in the area.

•  Met with local high school students to discuss racial disparity and incidents of police violence.

On June 26:

•  Heard from an Ice House Court resident who said she could not find her father; he was found and was OK.

•  Helped the owner of a locked vehicle on Hawkins Bay Road in Ferrisburgh to enter it. 

•  Began investigating a report from a South Water Street resident who said she was being stalked.

•  Advised a Waltham resident who was seeking help with a family member who had problems with hoarding.

•  Helped a King Street resident who reported a fawn deer on her doorstep. Police contacted a game warden, who advised them to leave the fawn alone so the mother deer could come back and get it.

•  Responded to a complaint from a King Street resident about a man who was riding his lawn tractor around the city. Police spoke with family members about the incident and asked for their help to prevent future incidents.

On June 27: 

•  Helped a motorist get into a locked vehicle on Main Street.

•  Picked up a dog found wandering on Panton Road and returned it to its Main Street owner.

On June 28 responded to a report of an intoxicated male at a South Maple Street apartment building who was swearing at other tenants; after a preliminary evaluation the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad took him to Porter Hospital for further examination.

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