Vergennes Police Log for Jul. 9

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on June 29 cited the driver of a motorcycle for driving under the influence of drugs/test refusal, a citation that followed an accident. 

Cited was Kyle J. Desjardin, 35, of Vergennes. Police had responded to a report of a collision between a car and a motorcycle at the intersection of White and West Main streets. While investigating the accident, police alleged Desjardin appeared to be impaired by drugs.

Police said after Desjardin was screened by a Drug Recognition Expert he refused to take a blood test, and police then processed and cited him.

Between June 29 and July 5 Vergennes police also conducted 26 motorized patrols, three property watches and eight foot patrols, and: 

On June 29: 

•  While doing contracted work in Addison stopped a vehicle on Lake Street and ticketed the driver for speeding, plates not assigned, and lacking a license, insurance and registration.

•  Helped a motorist get into a locked car on Crescent Drive.

•  Directed traffic around a disabled bus at the intersection of Green and Main streets.

On June 30 delivered a message to an individual on Thomas Circle at the request of a New Hampshire resident.

On July 1:

•  Responded to a Meadow Lane report of a person who was yelling loudly at another; police learned a grandmother was yelling at her grandson to get out of bed.

•  Heard from a resident of Battery Hill that firewood had been stolen from his home.

•  Took a report from Shaw’s Supermarket that a patron had accused the store of selling spoiled meat; a manager reported the incident and thought the patron may have not paid for the merchandise. Police spoke with the patron the next day; he showed police his receipt and offered his side of the story. 

On July 2 jump-started a stranded motorist’s vehicle on West Main Street.

On July 3: 

•  Went to a South Water Street apartment to assist the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad with two sick residents. 

•  Spoke with a female caller who was concerned about people not wearing face masks in public; police told her business owners can refuse to wait on patrons without masks and can ask them to leave their establishments, but the police cannot take enforcement action.

On July 4: 

•  Went to an East Street residence to look into a report of a male and a female looking in the caller’s window; no one was found in the area.

•  Responded to a report of people fighting at the doorway of the Small City Market; they were gone when police arrived, but police learned who was involved in the altercation and an investigation is being conducted for possible court action.

•  Advised a caller who reported a registration sticker had been taken from his vehicle while parked at the Ferrisburgh park-and-ride lot to call the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

•  Directed traffic while a tractor-trailer unit that had been stuck on the steep grade east of the Otter Creek bridge backed up and then successfully climbed the hill.

On July 5: 

•  Backed up Bristol police with an arrest following a report of two vehicles driving around the town park while an occupant of one of the vehicles pointed a gun at the other. 

•  Assisted Vermont State Police at a residence on Brunet Lane Ferrisburgh, where a man was severely intoxicated and asking for help. City police found him, and he was taken to Porter Hospital for evaluation. 

•  Took a report from a woman who said her mother had taken her car from the Ferrisburgh park-and-ride lot, and the vehicle had all her belongings in it.

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