Vergennes Police Log: Man cited for sexual assault

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on Aug. 10 cited James E. Amblo, 42, of Vergennes for sexual assault, unlawful restraint and  violation of conditions of release. The arrest and citation arose from an incident on Main Street. 

During the period from Aug. 3-9, Vergennes police conducted eight directed patrols and one foot patrol. Vergennes officers also: 

•  On Aug. 3 assisted the Vermont State Police with the issuance of a mental health evaluation order on East Street in New Haven. The subject of the order was taken into custody without incident.

•  On Aug. 4 responded to a minor two-vehicle crash on North Green Street.

•  On Aug. 5 conducted five pre-employment fingerprinting services for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes.

•  On Aug. 5 investigated a minor crash in which a Budget rental truck struck a traffic control sign.

•  On Aug. 5 cited Jackson Downey-Teachout, 29, of New Haven for violation of conditions of release; police said he contacted a person via email but he had been ordered by the court not to contact them.

•  On Aug. 5 served an abuse prevention order on a local resident in the Victory Street area.

•  On Aug. 5 looked unsuccessfully for a young female dressed in dark clothing walking south on Route 7 after receiving a report from a concerned citizen.

•  On Aug. 6 found the doors open to a Main Street business and secured the doors.

•  On Aug. 6 began investigating a report of a theft from Kinney Drugs.

•  On Aug. 6 assisted the state police in the hunt for a female driver who had nearly collided with a pedestrian in the Shaw’s supermarket parking lot. Vergennes police stopped the vehicle on Main Street, where officers observed the driver displaying signs of impairment; they cited Crystal Soule, 38, of Vergennes for driving under the influence of drugs, third offense, and with reckless endangerment.

•  On Aug. 6 investigated threatening phone messages that were sent to a Main Street businessman and his employees.

•  On Aug. 6 took custody of two Chittenden County campaign signs found in the back yard of a Monkton Road home. The officer was going to place notice of the finding of the signs on Facebook asking if the candidate wanted to pick them up.

•  On Aug. 6 participated in online training from the National Drug Recognition Conference.

•  On Aug. 7 responded to a call from a suicidal female by checking at her residence. The officer did not find the female at her residence but he was met with hostility by a family member. The officer checked around the residence and then left a message for the female caller to call him back. The officer later got ahold of the female and offered assistance, but she angrily declined.

•  On Aug. 7 received a report of continued threatening phone messages received by a Main Street owner and his employees; a phone number was provided to the officer for follow-up investigations.

•  On Aug. 7 responded to a report of two intoxicated individuals who were banging on the door of a Walker Avenue home late at night. Officers found a mother and son appearing to be intoxicated who said they felt they had been disrespected by the complainant; nevertheless they agreed to go to bed and to resolve their differences in the morning.

Officers returned to the scene at Walker Avenue to respond to a family fight between the mother and son; this time there was physical contact between the two of them with the mother sustaining injuries from the assault by her son. Police cited Dakota Yankton, 35, of Bristol for assault and released him.

•  On Aug. 8 investigated a complaint from a bicyclist who was riding on Main Street through a traffic zone and had a verbal altercation with a traffic flagger; the cyclist said he was called inappropriate names by the flagger, but the flagger denied doing so. An officer was at the scene at the time this took place but he did not hear the exchange of any racial slurs.

•  On Aug. 8 attempted to obtain assistance for the owner of a cat that was stuck high in a tree off Union Street but was unable to do so.

•  On Aug. 8 attempted to assist a man who had brought a grandfather’s clock to a local business for repairs and wanted it back but was unable to contact the business owner. The man wanted the officers to provide the business owner’s personal information, which they declined to do.

•  On Aug. 8 took custody of a wallet found on Main Street and returned it to the owner.

•  On Aug. 8 took a report from a resident of Walker Avenue about a scratch found on her car she suspected was caused by her son, who had been arrested the night before.

•  On Aug. 8 received a report of a stolen bicycle from a West Main Street residence; shortly after receiving the report, the bike was reported found.

•  On Aug. 8 assisted the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad with an argumentative man on North Street who refused to go to the hospital for care; the officer assisted in convincing him to go.

•  On Aug. 9 responded to an alarm at Shaw’s supermarket during the early morning hours; the alarm was mistakenly activated.

•  On Aug. 9 responded to a report of a group of teenagers hanging out near the abandoned Strong residence on West Main Street and dispersed them.

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