Vergennes Police Log for Mar. 18

VERGENNES — Vergennes Police on March 11 hosted a Project Vision North meeting via Zoom, and since then the program has marshaled resources from the group of participating government and nonprofit agencies to help three local residents, according to Vergennes Police Chief George Merkel.

Merkel said 18 representatives from 15 of the 17 member agencies attended the Zoom meeting, and he’s in the process of recruiting an 18th agency, Adult Protective Services, into the fold.

Between March 8 and 14, Vergennes Police conducted 11 car patrols and one Vehicle Identification Number inspection, responded to three false alarms, ticketed two cars left on city streets in violation of the city’s wintertime overnight parking ban, and:

On March 8:

•  Helped Vermont State Police by checking out a report of a vehicle broken down at the junction of Routes 7 and 22A. It was gone when they arrived.

•  Looked around the city pool on East Street when they saw its lights had been left on, but found no problem.

On March 9 helped Milton police by arranging a phone interview with a Mountain View Lane resident. Two days later they issued a citation to the same resident on behalf of South Burlington police.

On March 11 tried in vain to find a vehicle after its owner drove off from Small City Market without paying for almost $40 in gas. Police said they couldn’t trace a plate number they were given to a registered vehicle.

On March 12:

•  Helped state police by checking a report of a suspicious vehicle parked at a Panton home. Police learned it belonged to a surveyor.

•  Dealt with two minor, two-car accidents on Main Street, one near the city green and one at its intersection with South Water Street.

•  Advised John Graham Shelter personnel how to handle personal property left behind by a former resident in the shelter’s safe.

On March 13 removed a downed telephone line from Main Street once they determined it was not a power line.

On March 14 directed traffic around a home fire on Jersey Street in Panton.

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