Vergennes Police Log for Oct. 17

VERGENNES — On Oct. 7 Vergennes police and the Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services helped a woman who was run over by her own vehicle on a sloping part of Church Street.

Police said when she got out of vehicle she realized she had neglected to put it in park. She then attempted to get back in, but fell. The vehicle then ran over her legs, injuring her badly enough that the rescue squad took her to the UVM Medical Center.

Also between Oct. 7 and 13, Vergennes police:

On Oct 7:

• At the Riverside Apartment complex calmed two women who had been arguing several times over the past weekend.

• Were told a woman had lost a purse in the vicinity of Main Street

• Calmed a marital dispute on Bowman Court that was originally reported as a burglary.

On Oct. 8:

• Assisted Vermont State Police on Hopkins Road in Panton by mediating a verbal dispute between two neighbors

• Responded to a report from a resident that a silver Subaru had parked at the end of her driveway while her 13-year-old daughter was standing there; police could not locate the vehicle.

• Found an open door at the Bixby Library; a keyholder responded.

On Oct. 9 responded to a report of an assault at the Northland Job Corps between a male and a female student. Police said the female student slapped a male student in the face who had stepped in between two female students arguing; the male student said the slap to his face did not cause him pain, and the female student was not arrested, but was released from the Job Corps program.

On Oct. 10:

• Conducted a traffic patrol on West Main Street and ticketed one driver and warned another.

• Checked the status of a student who was truant from Vergennes Union High School; an officer spoke with the child’s mother at a city home, and she said the child had been hurt while playing and would not be able to go to school.

• Spoke with the mother of a teen driver who was reported to be speeding on Sunset Drive while on the way to and from school; the teen’s mother said she would speak to her child.

• Responded to a complaint from a male who reported another male was attempting to break into his apartment and determined there was no immediate threat; police told the complainant to call if the male who threatened to break in showed up.

On Oct. 11:

• Conducted traffic patrols on West Main Street and Sunset Drive, with no violations observed.

• Responded to a report of suspected stolen property being exchanged at a local store, an incident that remains under investigation.

• Responded to a report of a female who was threatening and attempting to commit suicide at a city home; officers were able to calm the female, who was transported to Porter Hospital for treatment.

On Oct. 12 checked a report of a possibly suicidal female at a Monkton Road location and determined she was despondent, but was not going to hurt herself; police offered her assistance if she felt it was necessary.

On Oct. 13:

• Ticketed a driver for going 62 mph in a 30 mph zone and for unsafe passing on West Main Street.   

• Looked unsuccessfully for a vehicle reported to have nearly hit a pedestrian on Hillside Drive; police were also unable to find the pedestrian said to be involved.

• Helped a state police officer with a motorcycle accident on Route 7 that involved minor injuries.

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