Vergennes Police Log: Police aid in domestic dispute

VERGENNES — In a week that ended 2020 and began 2021, Vergennes police conducted two welfare checks, helping a despondent individual during one; dealt with a domestic dispute; helped a woman with an abuse-relief order; and looked into two complaints of suspicious activity.

Between Dec. 28, 2020, and Jan. 3, 2021, Vergennes police also conducted 18 motorized patrols, three property watches and six foot patrols; ticketed four vehicles left out overnight in violation of the city’s wintertime parking ban; and also:

On Dec. 28:

•  Along with the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad checked the health of a North Street resident. Police said the resident had recent health issues and would seek care in the morning.

•  Responded to a two-vehicle collision on Green Street in which moderate damage was sustained by both vehicles, but there were no injuries.

•  Went to Hillside Acres and helped a resident get into a locked vehicle.

On Dec. 29 talked with a female who was concerned that a man had refused acceptance of a relief-from-abuse order. City police consulted with the Addison County State’s Attorney on the issue.

On Dec. 30 directed traffic at the city recycling station.

On Dec 31:

•  Investigated a report of a resident receiving a suspicious package that she did not order. Police said the resident did not see any problems on her credit cards.

•  Warned a motorist on New Haven Road after being told the driver had been operating unsafely while northbound on Route 7.

On Jan. 1 contacted owners of vehicles on city streets to move them due to the approaching winter storm.

On Jan. 2 investigated a report of two people walking around a West Main Street house with flashlights. Police saw no one when they arrived, but periodically checked the area throughout the night.

On Jan. 3:

•  Checked the welfare of a Main Street resident who was extremely intoxicated and feeling suicidal. Police convinced him to go to Porter Hospital with VARS for evaluation and assistance.

•  Responded to a reported fight at a Cataract Lane residence between a man and a woman during which the man reportedly slapped and choked the woman. The report came from a friend who was not on the premises. Upon arrival, the woman refused to provide a statement to a city officer and a Vermont State Police trooper and denied she had been hit or choked. Police said there were no signs of any bruising or injury, and both parties agreed to calm down. A relative agreed to stay at the residence and to make sure everyone was safe.

•  Responded to a report from an East Street resident that there were people in her yard. Police found no one.

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