Vergennes Police Log: Police busy with house calls

VERGENNES — A variety of incidents and accidents kept Vergennes police busy in the two weeks that ended this past Sunday, including arguments, traffic issues, animal problems, stolen lawn signs, phone threats and parking issues. 

Between July 13 and 26 Vergennes police also conducted 55 traffic patrols, five property watches, and six foot patrols, and:

On July 13:

•  Responded to a report of a group gathered in front of an East Street house during the early morning hours and determined the report was false.

•  Helped a Mountain View Lane resident who reported her husband was missing; her husband had left his cell phone in his vehicle, and he was OK.

•  Went to the junction of Routes 7 and 17 in New Haven and directed traffic after railroad crossing signs malfunctioned.

•  At the junction of Routes 7 and 17 helped directed traffic around a broken-down truck until Vermont State Police (VSP) arrived.

On July 14:

•  Responded to a call from a handicapped couple’s son, who was arguing with his parents about money and bills; police offered to connect the family with social services assistance.

•  Went to a Battery Hill residence to deal with a dispute between two people over a television that one had given to the other. Police calmed them both and warned one not to return. Police returned to the scene the next day and again calmed the parties down.

•  At a Hillside Drive residence issued a no-trespass order to a Vergennes resident on behalf of the Middlebury Police Department.

On July 15:

•  Warned a truck driver on Panton Road for not carrying a valid permit in the vehicle.

•  Responded to a report of a School Street resident’s dog biting another dog that was being walked; the owner of the first animal paid for part of the injured animal’s vet bill.

•  Dealt with a disagreement between a New Haven Road storeowner and a patron over a refund; police calmed the situation, and the storeowner apologized and issued a refund.

•  Assisted VSP with a vehicle that had gone off West Main Street near Hopkins Road. Troopers arrested the operator for driving under the influence.

On July 16:

•  Were told of thefts of “We Support Our Local Police” signs from a Main Street residence and business and a West Main Street home.

•  Took a report of a suspicious vehicle on Adele Drive.

On July 17:

•  Helped a motorist whose vehicle had broken down on West Main Street; with help from of a couple of construction workers the vehicle was pushed off the roadway before police called a wrecker.

On July 18:

•  Cited Matthew Couture, 43, Vergennes for driving on Monkton Road with a criminally suspended license.

•  Checked out a report of four people loitering in the Saint Peter’s Church parking lot, but found no one.

On July 20 followed up on a report and locked the gate to the city pool. 

On July 21:

•  Checked out a report that a vehicle at Collins Aerospace might not belong there, but learned it was authorized. 

•  Investigated a report of a Main Street business employee who had received a number of vulgar, racist and threatening phone calls from a male caller on a blocked phone line; police could not ID the caller and asked the victim to contact them if the problem persisted or if any other information became available.

On July 22 looked into a false report of a suspicious person in an East Street yard.

On July 24: 

•  Responded to a report of an abandoned guinea pig and cage at the Addison County Eagles Club; police said the animal had sustained injuries and was turned over to the Homeward Bound animal shelter.

•  Went to South Water Street to check out a report of someone cursing at two people swimming in Otter Creek; police learned a man was yelling and swearing as he tried to fix his roof.

•  Performed a welfare check on a Hillside Acres resident, after which a severely intoxicated woman was taken to the UVM Medical Center for detox.

On July 25 went to High Street and asked the owner of a vehicle that was parked unsafely on the road to move it.

On July 26 received a tip about illegal narcotics activity in the Vergennes area.

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