Vergennes Police Log: Police deal with mask complaints

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on July 6 issued a no-trespass order to a customer of the Small City Market who, according to the store owner, had been harassing customers at the Main Street convenience store about their failure to wear facial masks in a public place.

The store owner reported he had been receiving complaints about the patron and requested the no-trespass order, and police said they issued it without incident.

Vergennes police however, urge residents on their Facebook page to wear masks in shops and crowds: 

“Please continue to follow Governor Scott’s directive to maintain your social distancing, wear your face masks when out in public and wash your hands frequently.”

During the week of July 6 to 12, Vergennes police also conducted 15 directed patrols, four property watches and seven foot patrols and also:

On July 6:

•  Responded to a report of a group of 15 people who had gathered on an East Street caller’s lawn; upon their arrival there was no sign of anyone.

•  Responded to a report of speeding vehicles on Panton Road; upon conducting speed enforcement, police officer stopped a vehicle traveling at 15 mph over the speed limit.

On July 7 dealt with a parking complaint at a Main Street apartment building; police suggested the caller speak to the landlord, who they said had the power to call for a tow truck if a vehicle was illegally parked. 

On July 8:

•  Responded to a report of a dog running loose in the area of New Haven Road that was also reported to be malnourished and possibly being abused. The owner reported the dog was ill, old and not responding to a special diet. Police said the owner of the dog had it euthanized.

•  Took a report of a minor accident in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot. 

•  Received a report of the theft of a “We Support Our Local Police” sign from a Main Street business.

On July 9:

•  Talked to a Main Street caller who was having a dispute with a family member over gender identity; an officer provided information to assist the caller with the situation.

•  Handled a minor two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Main Street and Macdonough Drive.

•  Helped a female drug overdose victim at a Main Street address; the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad (VARS) transported her to Porter Hospital.

On July 11:

•  Responded to a city residence along with Vermont State Police to look for on a female who expressed suicidal thoughts on Facebook, but could not find her.

•  Calmed an argument at the Armory Lane Elderly Residential Housing between two residents that centered on use of the laundry room.

On July 12:

•  Responded along with VARS to a report of a male John Graham Shelter resident who had attempted suicide by cutting his wrists; officers stood by while VARS helped to the man.

•  Found an elderly female who had wandered away from a North Street care home and returned her to the facility.

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